About Me

I’m Mick, and this page used to be short and sweet (like me. buh dum CHING), but I got yelled at. So here’s a bit more to whet your appetite for all things Mick.

I’m from “outside Philly”, and after moving around a lot, I ended up in Boston for grad school. After earning my MA in English Lit in 2006, I worked in an office and spent the summer teaching writing. I taught myself to knit in September of ’06, and I was instantly addicted. I am content to sit and knit with a cup of tea and a cat on my lap most every night of the week.

In case you can’t already tell, I’m a giant nerd. I embraced my nerdiness a long time ago, so no worries there. I plan to continue this theme by making nerdiness my life’s pursuit, as I’m working on my PhD in Modern American Literature. This new venture included a big move from Boston to Kalamazoo, MI, which was scary in the really good way.    After three years of bliss in MI, Jason, the best boyfriend,  fiance -eh-hem, HUSBAND – in the world, and I have once again moved across the country for his new job in PA, and we’re settling in nicely.

I had a calico cat named Patches that was with me since I was in the fifth grade.  She was my best little friend, and she loved living with Jason, too.  Jason’s cat Wiglaf, however, she didn’t like so much.  We lost her in September 2009, but her photo still graces the header on the blog, and you’ll find photos of her all throughout the backlogs.  We’ve since added to our family with Anjanka, a dilute tortoiseshell rescue kitty, who is the tiniest, greyest, loviest bear on earth.  She and her big brother give us hours of entertainment harassing each other, and this blog will often feature pictures of my cute little grey bear  and her orange companion, so be prepared.

So that’s about it for me. Right now I’m knitting stuff, reading stuff, writing stuff, researching stuff, teaching stuff, spinning stuff, loving married life, and taking lots of naps.  I absolutely cannot wait for fall.



  1. Hi Mick,
    I just messaged you on Ravelry about whether you’d be interested in selling any of your Rowan DK Soft in #174 (blue-grey). I need a bit more to finish a project. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Hey Mick!
    im not sure if you remember me (Emily Pannecouk) but you taught my literary interpretation class in fall 08… I googled garter knit cardigan (because i am about to attempt to knit one-we will see how far i get) and stumbled upon your blog. I saw the picture of the one you did and it’s really nice. Do you have any advice that you might find useful for me about the sweater? i feel as though i may be wandering a little past my skill level. haha. Anyways, I hope all is well.


  3. Hello Mick!
    If you’re every interested in talking knitting, I’d love to connect with you. I am an avid knitter (and occasional nerd) and work with a free knitting community called Knitting Daily. I am working towards having a network of knitters to connect with and send special sneak peak information about the community to (especially new free pattern eBooks). If you’d be interested I’d love to chat more. Happy knitting!

    Knitting Daily | Crochet Me | F+W Media

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