Posted by: mick | September 2, 2013

Is this thing on?

So, life has been rather insane lately.  To make a long story short, I went through a lengthy application/interview process last year and was offered a job as an assistant professor at an amazing community college!  I’m thrilled about this move for many reasons: the college and faculty are absolutely incredible; the area is a much better fit for J and my ideals; it’s the community college in my hometown county, which means living much closer to my family; we’re close to Philly and all it has to offer!

So while I wasn’t blogging in the past six months, I was doing lots of insane things like spending every weekend getting our darling home ready to put on the market, selling said home (yay!), and looking for a new place to live in our new town.  

This means that any knitting/sewing/crafting energy was sapped up by tons of yard work, painting, packing, leaving the house at the drop of a hat for many showings, and having a yard sale.  We were extremely lucky to sell our house quickly, and while I’m really excited about exploring and getting reacquainted with our new area (I haven’t lived here since 1999!), I really miss the house we put so much love into.  We bought that house never intending to leave it, but life sure does take us funny places!

We’re currently renting while we look for a new place to hopefully purchase, so all of our energy is really focused on getting to know the area and deciding where we’d like to live.  Oh and, you know, working at that shiny new professor job 🙂  Never fear that I’ve begun settling in and am even doing a little knitting!  In the meantime, here are a few shots of what we’ve been up to.

Enjoying the deck at the new place: 




Grilling lots of pizzas:



Spending time with my mama, who is now our neighbor!:Image




  1. Yaaaay! Welcome back.

  2. Welcome back and congrats on the new job! I’m not usually a dog person, but your pups sure are cute 🙂

  3. Wonderful news on the job front! Congratulations! The move sounds like a very good thing overall, but it does sound hard to say good-bye to your house.

    Oh, those sweet dogs, and mmm… pizza.

  4. Congratulations Mick! And a professor, no less. Plus, it always pays to live closer to your mum 😉 It’s hard moving somewhere new though, even if it’s for the right reasons. I still miss Liverpool even though we’ve been in Leeds two years and sometimes it’s the silliest things like knowing where the cheap parking in town is or where you can pick up some obscure craft supply at the drop of a hat.

    And those dogs..!

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