Posted by: mick | January 16, 2013

Gifties: Part 3

AKA Gifties for Me!

I’ve been really admiring weaving for a few years now, but I just can’t justify starting up another fiber craft.  About a year ago, whilst perusing Etsy for a gift, I stumpled upon Vanessa’s shop, pidgepidge, and I was blown away.  Each handwoven scarf was more beautiful than the next, but I particularly loved one entitled “Sedona,” which I’d visit periodically, petting my monitor and calling it my precious.  Eventually, it sold, and I was really bummed.  But, you know, life went on and stuff.

Then, I was fortunate enough to be given some money for my birthday, and while I usually end up buying something fun for the house with extra gifty cash or squirreling it away in my savings, I took the plunge and messaged Vanessa about a custom scarf.  She was incredibly kind and very quick to respond, and we worked together to come up with a colorway that was similar to Sedona but didn’t contain alpaca or angora, which make me break into hives like crazy.

pidge pidge custom scarf

She warned me that it would take some time since she was swamped, but I still got the scarf in about a month.  I was impressed by her speediness and her willingness to accommodate my weird allergies, and then I got the scarf, and I couldn’t believe its beauty.  I wear this all the time, probably more than any scarf I’ve knitted for myself.  The color and texture are stunning, and it goes with pretty much everything I own.  I get compliments every time I wear it, and it’s the perfect length.  I love this scarf.  And now, I’m looking at looms.

modeled pidgepidge



  1. Wow, that scarf is breathtaking! I said I wasn’t going to get into spinning, and now I have 2 wheels… so good luck with resisting weaving! Actually the only thing holding me back from weaving is warping (is that what it’s called)? I give you about 6 months until you give in to your weaving urges 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s beautiful! I must resist the weaving bug myself — there’s no room at the inn for a loom. Or any more yarn. ; )

  3. hope it’s not weird i’m leaving a msg here! i found this *blush* blog through my etsy stats and am SO glad that you love your scarf! It looks great on you and you made my day 🙂 thanks for the many kind words.

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