Posted by: mick | July 20, 2012

Another person’s treasure

It’s been a little over a year since we bought our house, which I still can’t believe.  One thing that surprised me when we moved in was just how much space there is to furnish and decorate; there really is a huge difference between a one bedroom apartment and a three bedroom house.  Our new house is actually pretty modest by contemporary standards at about 1300 square feet, but it’s still a huge shift up for us.

I’ve been doing my best to be patient about the spaciousness of the house, and to be honest, I prefer decorating this way.  I don’t like homes that, though lovely, look very new; I prefer an eclectic style with lots of vintage touches.  I feel much more at home in a space that feels as if each piece has a history and a meaning, and it’s much easier to cultivate a space like that over time.  This is fortuitous if, like us, you’re limited to one full-time salary.

Though I tend to read my fair share of design blogs and peruse Craigslist regularly (which scored us our living room rug, our vintage porch set, and our fantastic vintage bedroom dressers), I try to sleep on a purchase before making it…unless, of course, it’s too good to last long.  A few months ago, while visiting my mom and walking Angus, we stumbled upon an estate sale.  While J stayed outside with the puggle, who charmed the homeowners into some water and some crackers, I stumbled upon these treasures inside.

There are about twenty various pieces of vintage glass containers, all with cork lids and some with scoops.  They were on shelves with a sign requesting people to make  an offer, and my mom, ever the bargain hunter, offered 4 beans.  I was floored when it was accepted!  Right now they’re on the mantel, but I plan to fill them with our bulk, dry grains and beans and arrange them in our kitchen once we finish painting and updating it.

The crewel work looks vintage to me, but it had recently been framed at Michael’s and was still in the case.  It makes me happy to see it sitting on our mantel and being loved after someone took the time to create it and have it framed.  (That silhouette on the end is actually me in preschool!)  All told, we left with a bunch of vintage decor and spent under $20.  That’s one of the untold benefits of living in a small town: vintage treasures for reasonable prices.

Then, last month while walking the pups, we spotted this adorable little plant stand in someone’s garbage.  Yes, I am the crazy lady who carries vintage housewares around while walking her big dog.  I put some of my succulents on it for the photo, but it’s now holding tissues and toilet paper in our bathroom.  Slightly less glamorous, but it’s very useful.

So what’s your best vintage score?  Where do you draw the line when it comes to vintage?  I’m rather obsessed with anything in tufted velvet, but I’m terrified of bed bugs.



  1. Great finds, esp. the cute plant stand! Like you, I like having some vintage pieces — esp. since we live in a 1920s 2-flat with many original details intact.

    I draw my line at old upholstered furniture and the like — too much potential for mysterious issues (I’ve heard enough bed bug horror stories in the past couple of years). Things from my family are OK, but otherwise…

  2. Lovely finds! I’m a sucker for vintage hand towels, particularly if they’re embroidered. I have so many already, but I love them!

  3. Such great scores! Patience really pays off. I’ve always been too lazy to get up in time for yard sales on the weekend, so kudos for your resilience. I think your decorating strategy is the right one – no need to buy cheap ikea stuff that will just fall apart in a few years just to fill space. Your finds have so much personality.

  4. Lovely! My mother is a dedicated antiques enthusiast, so most of my childhood was spent poking around in junk stores. I love vintage jewelry and kitschy souvenirs … of all kinds.

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