Posted by: mick | June 29, 2012

And Jakey makes five. Er, six. I can’t count.

As some of you may know, I occasionally volunteer for a few bully breed rescues doing transports.  This means that I spend a few hours every once in a while picking up a deserving pittie from one driver and driving the pup a few hours to another driver; after the many legs and a long day in the car, the pup is delivered safely into the arms of its wonderful foster parents.  One day in January, on a day I wasn’t particularly looking forward to driving, I headed out for a transport for a black pit mix named Jake.  His life was in danger in a shelter in Ohio due to bogus BSL (breed specific legislation), and Karuna Bully Rescue, an unbelievable group of fantastic volunteers, was taking him in as a foster.  All I knew about him was that he had a giant Staffy head and matching grin, was a little over a year old, and was feeling very shy and unsure during transport.  They told me to just be patient and give him his space since he was nervous, so imagine my surprise when, as soon as I met him, he greeted me by wagging his tail and climbing into my lap, all 65 pounds of him, to lick my face.  During the drive, his little leg got tangled in his leash in the backseat, and I had to pull off the highway and untangle him.  I was really nervous; this dog was scared and didn’t know me, and he was possibly in pain with his leg caught.  Again, he just licked my face the whole time I fixed his leg; I swear he knew I was helping him.  He spent the rest of the 2+ hour ride sitting in the back seat with his head on my shoulder, sighing into my ear and occassionally giving me the tiniest, gentlest kiss.  To say I was smitten was an understatement; I almost cried dropping him off to the next driver.

Since I help Karuna out occasionally, I was able to get tons of updates from his amazing foster family on Jake’s transformation.  He was a little shy at first with new people, but with lots of socialization, his personality really came through.  It was clear to J and me that this gentle, sweet, silly soul would make the perfect addition to our family, and we applied to adopt him and made it official a month ago.

So please welcome Jake, the newest (and final, except for maybe some barnyard animals some day) addition to our furry family.  He is the sweetest and most loving pup ever; he is so good with the kitties and with Angus, as well as with all people and animals he meets.  He and his puggle brother love playing bitey face and chasing each other around the sofa, and Jake never gets too rough despite the fact that he’s got 25 pounds on his little big brother.  He is a great napping partner, he loves playing fetch, and he sounds like chewbaca when he whines.  He is a total mama’s boy, following me everywhere around the house (which means I’ve got two shadows since Anjanka is never far behind), and he has completely stolen my heart.  I couldn’t imagine a better ambassador for his breed; his looks are intimidating, but anyone who spends even just a few minutes with him quickly realizes just how sweet, gentle, and silly he is.

Oh, and one of the best parts?  He makes a pretty good knitwear model.



  1. be still my heart.

  2. Adorable!! Congratulations on the new addition!

  3. So happy that you have added him to your family! What a sweet boy. All of the pitties I know are lapdogs, including my sister’s 85 lb pit/great dane cross. Give Jake tummy rubs from me!

  4. Mick,
    Jake is such a handsome boy! I like the scarf too! Can’t wait to meet him in person. Love you.

  5. Aw, it was meant to be! Congrats on your newest addition. When will you be adding chickens to the backyard?

  6. He is such a cutie. Love him!

  7. Have been loving all your pics on Facebook and now, after finally reading this post, am just in love with the story too! So sweet!

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