Posted by: mick | May 27, 2012

All Babies, All The Time

No, not my babies (though we do have a new furry edition I’ll be introducing you all to shortly), but they are everywhere.  My cousin, who was one of my bridesmaids and whom I abolutely adore, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month, and I ventured south a month earlier for her shower.  Baby shower + knitter = knitted baby gifts!

Pattern:  Chevron Baby Blanket by Purl Soho

Yarn: KnitPicks Simply Cotton Organic Worsted in a bunch of different colors

Needles:  Giant ones.  Maybe 11s?

Began:  February 11, 2012; Completed:  March 8, 2012 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  Loved this pattern!  It was easy, quick, and fun.  Definitely good movie knitting, as the pattern was super easy to memorize.  The resulting blanket could probably be a bit bigger; if I made it again, I’d add another repeat to make it wider.  However, it’s a great size for a nap, lying on the floor, or for use in a stroller.  My cousin seemed to love it, and I’ve seen many photos of the baby with it, so I’m pumped.

I really liked the yarn; it’s soft, easy on the hands compared to mercerized cotton, and the colors are lovely.  I tried to choose colors that are outside the typical baby colors, and I think it worked.  I actually bought a bunch of the sport weight for a blanket for us.  Fun!

Pattern:  Baby Bib O’Love by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Yarn: same as above

Needles: 😦

Began:  March 8, 2012; Completed:  March 9, 2012 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  Super quick and easy, and I love the result.  This makes a good sized bib, so it should protect the many cute little outfits the baby got at the shower.  This is a great, quick gift, and I love the result.  I definitely want to play with it more to practice some embroidery.  Super cute, and love that it’s washable!

And last but not least, I taught a Chrisopher class at my LYS (Did I tell you guys that I’m teaching there now?  It’s awesome!), and I knitted a baby version for my wee nephew (same number of stitches, but made it shorter) for Christmas out of some of my Swish Worsted leftovers, stopping the stripes when I ran out of yarn.  He apparently doesn’t love it, but instead insists that his dad wears it.  So, win?  Toddlers are such prima donas 🙂



  1. Wow, you’ve been busy–i love these FO’s!

  2. mick — love them all. such happy stripes!

  3. So totally adorable!

  4. Ooh, the chevron blanket is fantastic! I’m crocheting a baby blanket with that same yarn right now, and I’m a fan, too. You’re right that it’s much easier to work with than mercerized cotton!

    Busy, busy indeed!

  5. You have been busy! I love the blanket in particular, it looks like a fun pattern and your color choice was great. So how many Christophers have you knit now? Four hundred? 🙂

  6. Yay for baby knits! They are all adorable.

  7. Yay for lovely MTB knits going out to lovely little babes. I just know these things mean the world to the families they end up with.

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