Posted by: mick | February 12, 2012

FO: Pinchy String Art!

My J and I love Christmas.  We get ridiculously excited about singing Christmas carols; we love setting up the tree and all of our decorations around the house; we walk gleefully hand in hand around our small town, admiring all of the lights.  We do enjoy getting each other gifts since we don’t really buy for ourselves or each other for other holidays, but it’s a lot less about spending money (we have a very small budget) than it is about seeing one another open something that we specifically sought out because we knew it would make the other person smile.  This year, I found some really fun things for J: this amazing puginator shirt, a stuffed Cthulu head, and some tickets to see the Scottish play at our campus.

I wanted to make him something, too, but it’s really tough to do that.  I can never surprise J with knitted items; they take too long to knit, and he works primarily from home, so he’s always around to see what I’m knitting!  I’ve been admiring the string art I’ve seen on design blogs and pinterest, so I thought that might be fun.  One afternoon, while he was out running errands, I got my giant piece of wood, sanded the edges smooth, printed out my letters, and tacked the nails in.  I used this tutorial as a guide, and I used various shades of thread for each letter.  If I had it to do again, I’d choose thicker thread.  At some point, I’ll go through and wrap the nails one more time to make the words stand out a bit more, but J seems to really like it either way.

The word I chose, “Pinchy,” is a little something that J and I say to one another.  Neither of us really remembers how it started, but it’s been going on since the beginning of our relationship.  We’ll hug each other and say, “Pinchy of love!” or “Pinchy of have a good day!”  Yes, we’re really really weird; however, hanging this on the wall in our bedroom means we wake up to it every day, and we both end up smiling.



  1. SWEET! I love personalized art as a present.

  2. this is amazing. love it.

  3. This is great, I love it!

  4. Ooh that’s really cool! And I love how it looks against the blue wall. Inside jokes are the best.

  5. I love you both so much. You bring me such comfort just being out there in the world.

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