Posted by: mick | January 26, 2012

A little bit of paint.

House hunting last year was a real whirlwind.  We looked at houses one night (granted, there were many houses), fell in love with the last one, and put in an offer.  We didn’t really intend to buy a house, but it all fell into place, and we were really lucky.  When we walked into our house for the first time, we both audibly gasped.  It’s not the style I thought I’d go for (I love a boxy, modern ranch with lots of windows or an arts and crafts space with a big porch), but it spoke to both of us.  The previous owners hadn’t really updated the space since they bought it, but we could see that it had a ton of potential.  The place is technically a split level, but not your typical 1970s variety.  Instead, you walk into a large living room with high ceilings, with the kitchen to the right and stairs right in front of you.  Those four stairs go into the hallway, but it’s actually open on one end, so it’s more of a landing.  Tough to explain and picture, but it’s a really unique layout, and we love the openness.

The house’s woodwork and trim was all taupe when we moved in.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Observe the before pictures of the living room and master bedroom.  As you can see, lots of potential, but lots of work.

Over the summer after moving in, we spent a few weeks time prepping, sanding, patching holes, and painting.  Afterward, the living room looked thusly (the angle is from the hallway landing, if that helps you picture it better):

We’ve since rearranged the living room furniture and added some bright yellow chevron-patterned curtains I sewed.  The tables and rug are all either thrifted or from Craigslist, and the chairs and couch are hand-me-downs from my Mom.  They’re so so comfy.  The walls are Olympic’s Thin Ice, and I forget the color of the fireplace.  Womp womp.

And here’s the painted master bedroom:

The walls in here are Bermuda by Olympic.  The bed frame and reversible duvet cover (it’s now on the white side) are from    We also bought some vintage, awesome dressers from Craigslist and put a pretty gold ombre rug on the floors to keep my toes warm in the morning.

The spaces are nowhere near finished, but we’re both amazed at what a little paint can do.  Coming soon, we’re moving on to the kitchen!



  1. can i just add that it is more awesome in person?!

  2. Awesome! It’s so “you”. I looked at the whole set of pictures on Flickr, and it looks like a great house with a lot of potential. I can see you’ve definitely started putting your stamp on it and it looks great! Congrats 🙂

  3. The living room looks especially terrific! Love the paneling and the fireplace, and what a find with that cheery rug.

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