Posted by: mick | January 17, 2012

FO: Ribbed Giftie Cowl

Pattern:  Ribbed for your Warmth by Sonia Ruyts

Yarn:  My own BFL handspun (the very last of this batch)

Needles: ?  I really need to start keeping better records.

Began:  October 10th, 2011; Completed:  October 17th, 2011 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  A few years ago, I designed and knitted some flip-top mitts for my mom’s birthday.  Last year, I knitted her a cute little cloche for Christmas.  This year, I wanted to complete the set, so I thought a cowl was in order.

There’s really not much to say about this project, which illustrates how smoothly it went.  It was easy as pie, and I just blocked it out gently (you can see the unblocked version around Angus’s neck in the Christmas photo on my previous post).  It was really fun to knit in that mindless, zen sort of way, and I think the simple broken ribbing pattern keeps you interested but is simple enough to display and not compete with the yarn.  

The  yarn bloomed nicely as it did with my other projects, but it’s even more noticeable because the gauge is a bit looser.  It has solidified my love of BFL; it is such fantastic fiber to spin, and it knits up just as well.  I used up every last bit of this yarn to the point that I had to sub in a different yarn for half of the bind-off.  Mom seems to love it, as you can see above.  She looks lovely in it, doesn’t she?




  1. So pretty, and it looks so cozy! Your mom’s a lucky lady. I’m not a spinner, but as a knitter I really like BFL, too.

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