Posted by: mick | November 10, 2011

Introducing Angus!

AKA Angus McGillicuddy, AKA The Piggle, AKA Pugopalypse

We’ve been wanting to add a dog to our family for quite some time, and we attempted to adopt a dog this summer, but it unfortunately didn’t work out.  (Toby has since been adopted by a family much better equipped to make him feel safe in a world that scares him, and they don’t have kitties for him to chase, so it all worked out for the best.)  We wanted to start looking again for the perfect pup for us, but we weren’t necessarily ready yet, when I saw a crosspost by an awesome pitbull rescue that I occasionally do some volunteering for.  They were making a desperate plea to place a six-year-old Puggle (pug/beagle mix), and they wanted to know if anyone could help.

We asked for more info, and everything sounded perfect.  Older dog?  Check.  Perfect for us: we don’t have the time to train a puppy with our current work schedules, and a more settled dog might make the kitties more at ease.  Good with other dogs?  Check.  Good with kitties?  Check.  In fact, he’d lived his whole life with two cats, so he was very used to feline housemates. Good with kids?  Check.  The photos they sent us actually showed little kids playing in the background.  This is perfect for when our nephew visits.

We heard about him on a Thursday, and by Saturday, we were picking him up.  We named him Angus; it just suits him.  We agreed to foster him to adopt just in case it didn’t work out, but within 24 hours we knew he was here to stay.

So here he is, in all his snorty, stinky, wrinkly-faced glory.  He’s rather overweight but getting healthier each day.  His coat is improving on his new food, which means he smells a bit better, and he’s been losing weight with his twice-daily walks.  This dog is an absolute joy to be around.  He’s silly and playful, but also great at cuddling, and he hasn’t met a dog, kitty, or human (adult and child alike) that he didn’t love.  Everyone falls in love with him wherever we take him, so you can imagine how much we love him, too.

Now to just get him to model some knits.



  1. swoon. i’ve been looking forward to this post! what a sweetheart. looking forward to meeting him next time…

  2. What a cutie! Happy that he found his way to your home and hearts! Hope we will be seeing more pics of Angus 🙂

  3. Congratulations! He’s such a sweet looking guy.

  4. OHmygoshlookatthatsquishface. Congrats on your new family member!

  5. I love this post! Christine and I were talking about how ADORABLE Angus is at the shower last weekend. We’d both love to meet his sweet self!

  6. What a sweetie! My mom and little sister have a pug, and she’s such a sweet, funny girl. (We like to tease her about her roundness, but she just does the puggy snort and enjoys the scratches and pets!) Congrats on the new family member!

  7. Hello! Came to your blog via Barefoot Rooster. I adore Angus! I’m so glad you’ve given him a great home. He just looks precious modeling the handknits. 🙂 LesleyAnn

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