Posted by: mick | October 22, 2011

FO: Summer Solstice

Pattern:  Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier

Yarn:  Classic Elite Classic Silk, a little under 10 skeins

Needles:  No clue.  I really need to take note of my needle sizes.

Began:  May 18, 2011; Completed: August 28, 2011 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  I’ve been admiring Ms. Kirrmaier’s patterns for a very long time now; their simplicity, clean details, and interesting construction really call to me.  I was stressed about moving, I was going to teach two summer classes in a very cold building, and I’d wanted to knit this pattern for over a year.  I bit the bullet, bought the pattern, and made the swatch back in May.

Then the sweater sat dormant for two months; moving and life happened, and I didn’t really get to work on this until after my summer classes were over in mid-July.  Oh well.  Once I began knitting this in earnest, it flew off the needles.  I was done in about a month of real knitting time, and I love the finished sweater.  The process was really fun, too!  I’d never knitted a sweater built like this: you begin in the middle of the shoulder blades, work out and shape the neck/sleeve cap, then combine everything, pick up lots of stitches, do lots of counting, and somehow you end up with a whole sweater.  Knitting magic!

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably keep decreasing the sleeves a bit after the pattern tells me to stop.  This yarn tends to grow, so now the sleeves are stretched and don’t really stay up.  I’m a sleeve pusher-upper, so some ribbing or narrower sleeves would be in the cards next time.  I really love the fit, though, and the yarn was lovely to knit with.  This was one of my earliest stash-enhancements (I bought it during a fall sale during my first year in MI!), and I’m glad I waited for the right pattern.  It really works well here, and the silk/cotton/nylon blend was much easier on my hands than other cotton-based yarns.  The slubbiness and soft hand really make the cardigan baby soft and oh so comfy.

So there you have it.  I’m showing you a summer cardigan when it’s 55 degrees out.  (Note: I’m wearing my ND de G as I type this.  I still love that sweater, four years later.)  On to the next FO!


  1. Did I see this at the awards doohicky? Love the color! Versatile and calming. I love her patterns. Finished the Atelier & I loved the pattern but will never use bamboo for a sweater ever again.

  2. That is lovely. It works so well with the yarn you chose. I like the crisp silk and the soft yellow.

  3. absolutely lovely, mick. i might have to knit one of these…i have some golden-y cotton-blend yarn hiding somewhere. you know, for when i’ve finished my mountain of half-knit sweaters…

  4. Oh, so cute! I really like the drapey fronts, very flattering, and it looks like your sweater matches the room! And hey, next year for your summer classes you’ll already have a sweater made.

  5. So cute! And such a cheerful color! Perhaps I’ll have to add the pattern to my already much-too-long cardigan queue …

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