Posted by: mick | September 10, 2011

FO: Aestlight Shawl

Pattern:  Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston

Yarn:  Mismarked (and thus heavily discounted, score!) yarn from Shadyside Farm, one skein

Needles:  US whatevers.  I forget.

Began:  May 19th, 2011; Completed:  July 18th, 2011 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  A little over a year ago, I finished some handspun that I thought would make a perfect Aestlight, but I wasn’t working yet after our move and money was tight.  A lovely friend surprised me with the pattern via the gift feature on Ravelry, and I got to work.  First, I tried the largest size, but it was clear I’d run out of yarn once I was done the birds eye lace.  Rip.  Then, I tried it with the birds eye in a contrasting natural yarn to conserve my green, but the result was too pastel and old ladyish.  Rip.  Then, I tried the smallest size, got almost to the end of the knitted on lace edging, and ran out of yarn.  Curse a lot, can’t bear to rip it, shove the whole thing in a drawer.  (Note: These mistakes were all entirely my fault.  I didn’t have enough yarn, but somehow I became convinced that my handspun was magic and self-regenerating.  It happens.)

Fast forward several months to MDSW, where I met up with another bloggy friend (Seriously, how awesome is our move back east?  I’ve met so many bloggy friends!), and I spotted this gorgeous, gold skein of fingering weight at the Shadyside booth.  I had promised myself I’d only buy something if it were really special, and this was.  It was 50% off, due to what I’m assuming was a labeling issue.  It’s marked 50% merino/50% wool, which not only doesn’t make sense, but is also clearly wrong.  This baby has silk in it; it is oh so shiny and drapey.

Armed with my gorgeous new yarn, I cast-on.  Then we packed, moved, unpacked, and somewhere in there I finished and blocked this shawl.  This pattern is awesome!  It was fun to knit, very interesting, but still chock full of gartery goodness.  This time, I trusted Ms. Johnston’s yardage recs.  She is wise.  I didn’t run out.

I was able to bring this puppy to a trip up north with the lovely Laura who gifted me the pattern, where we met up with one awesome Rooster and a certain wrinkly-faced pup.  The weekend was amazing, filled with good food, lots of swimming in the lake, and so many fantastic conversations that we didn’t even knit.  On the ride home, Laura and I stopped at a scenic overlook, where she graciously offered to not only take the photos you see above (making me laugh so I’d stop making my weird photo-face), but to process them and send them to me so I could blog about the stinking shawl already for Pete’s sake.  And then she did.

It’s good to have friends.



  1. swoon. i hadn’t considered making this until i saw yours in person. SO GORGEOUS. also gorgeous? these pictures of you! lovely. Boh appreciates the shout-out.

  2. SCORE on that yarn! The shawl turned out wonderfully and the color really suits you… it’s as if the universe just knew you needed to wait it out until that yarn came along. We should have another bloggy get-together sometime soon! Gorgeous scenery, by the way.

  3. Mick,
    The shawl and color are indeed special….you look fantastic sporting it too. Makes me want to start knitting again. Love You, Deb

  4. Gorgeous! Not just the shawl (which is fantastic), but also the landscape in the background. Bloggy friends are the best. 😉

  5. It looks great, the colour is beautiful.

    I’ve just made an Aestlight and love the pattern x

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