Posted by: mick | February 27, 2011

FO: My Last Christopher (at least for now)

I’m not even going to go into the details, as readers of this blog know of my whirlwind love affair with Jane Richmond’s Christopher pattern.  After Christmas was over, during which I knitted four versions of the pattern, I had no plans to reknit it any time soon.  Then I received a very cute (though not super sly) email from my mother-in-law, proclaiming h0w much her husband loved his new hat, and hinting oh-so-subtly that she loved it, too.

Her birthday was in February, and what is a daughter-in-law to do but knit another version of the hat?

The details are the same as all of my other Christophers, so I won’t bore you with those here.  I used some Cascade 220 leftovers from my nephew’s fair isle hat for the stripes, and the solid side is a lovely red-orange colorway of Berocco’s Lustra, a gorgeous aran weight tencel/wool single.  It has an absolutely beautiful shine, so the stripes really show up on the hat.  My in-laws love the southwest, and I purposely chose colors that reminded me of that region.








My MIL seems to love the hat, and I really like the FO, too.  It’s my favorite color combo yet, and I may just have to knit a replica for myself.  That is, once I’ve recovered from knitting the same pattern five times in 1.5 months.  Phew!



  1. The colours in the hat are lovely Mick. And five times in a month and a half – that’s staying power! x

  2. I showed my hat around at school and it got lots of rave reviews…also, amazement at how it was done. Good job and I do LOVE it!
    Thanks for marrying my son!
    Love you lots,

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