Posted by: mick | December 19, 2010

The Hap-Happiest Season

Hello, all!  I’ll skip apologizing for my long absence (think mountains of grading + preparing for comps + job interview) and just get to the good stuff.  There has been lots of good stuff.

First, let’s talk about food, since it’s on everyone’s mind this time of year.  I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 months now, and I must say that it’s been a joy.  I decided to go this way for many reasons, which I won’t regail you with here as I believe what we eat is a very personal choice.  However, I will say that I’ve discovered many healthy, hearty vegetarian recipes that even my carnivorous husband loves.  Tops on the list right now?  This soup.

It’s delicious, healthy, makes the entire apartment smell wonderful, and makes a giant batch you can eat for days.  Even when those days are over, you’ll be sad to see it gone.   Trust me: get thee to your crock pot and make this soup.

I haven’t really found that I miss meat at all, since I was never much of a meat-eater to begin with.  One thing I do crave, however, is a good old tuna fish sandwich.  That’s where this recipe comes in: it’s a healthy “chick pea of the sea,” vegetarian option, and it seriously tricked me.  I couldn’t find umeboshi vinegar, so I crumbled a half sheet of nori in the mix, and I honestly thought I was eating tuna.  For reals.  I’ve got leftovers of this and some oven-baked sweet potato “fries” for lunch today, and I can’t wait until noon.

A close second on my mind has been pretty much everything woolly.  Last year Laura, Amy and I did a little not-so-secret Santa via Ravelry.  We each updated our wish lists (love that feature), and then we sent each person one thing on their list.  This meant we all got two totally awesome patterns that we wanted to try, but it was still a surprise!  It was pretty darn awesome, and this year we continued the tradition.  I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Veera Välimäki’s Still Light Tunic and Jared Flood’s Wayfarer scarf.  Can you say drool?  Because I seriously can’t wait to cast-on for both of these patterns.  I’m pretty lucky to have met such awesome people on these here internets.  I didn’t really think ahead, however, when I put these patterns on my wish list.  I don’t have the yarn for either of them, and J and I have a self-imposed “no buying things for oneself come October 1st” rule, as I’ve ruined many a Christmas buying myself something he’d been planning to get me.  That means I’ll have to wait another week to purchase the right yarn to make these beauties.

Don’t you go feeling badly for me, however.  This week, my awesome LYS had a holiday open house, and J and I went.  We were wandering around with some of my fibery buddies when I spotted something amazing.  There was a giant pile (8 balls to be exact) of Noro Retro, a new, aran weight, wool/silk/angora blend, in the most amazingly bright fuchsia ever.  I wanted it so badly, may even have called it My Precious, but ultimately decided to put it down.  J even said I could break the rules, but I knew that the paycheck I’d receive the following day would be my last for a month.  I told him I had plenty of yarn, didn’t need it, and put it back.  How virtuous.  Of course, about five minutes later, J showed up with his arms full of pink awesomeness, plunked it down on the counter, and immediately won the adoration of every woman in the yarn shop.  Seriously.  There were many little old ladies trying to take him home.

So yes, I’m a lucky woman in the friend and husband departments, and I’m feeling good.  I’ve already cast on a new hat with the hot pink hotness, which is almost done.  I’ve also been whipping up multiple crafty gifts over here, so expect a whole slew of FO posts once the holidays are over.  Which is in a week.  Happy Holidays, all!

On a last note, are you feeling overwhelmed with the holiday season?  Need some mindless entertainment?  Here’s a really fun time-waster: the Etsy taste test.  It is so much fun, and you can take it multiple times.  I definitely have, and it’s given me lots of things to add to my “want” board on Pinterest.  Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  Go join, waste lots of time in a super fun way, and find me on there.  I’m Muchadored, naturally.



  1. he wins a prize. love the image i have of that armful of pink yarn. and that soup! adding it to the list. also, it is snowing on your blog! love. can’t wait to swatch for the effortless cardigan — thank you!

  2. oooh Noro Retro – could this be the replacement for lovely lovely sadly-missed Cash Iroha? I love it – what a colour!

  3. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Also: you definitely found a keeper, that is just too sweet. Can’t wait to see the holiday crafty goodness. yay!

  4. I’m totally making that soup! I think my favorite thing about cold weather is soup.

    Wow, a man who will go into a yarn shop for you! He’s a keeper 🙂

    Have a great holiday!

  5. Great post. That soup? Holy moly cow–it looks incredible, and yes, we will be giving it a go! So IMPRESSED with your decision to go vegetarian. I’ve considered it numerous times, but have never been able to commit. Looks like you’re finding more and more tasty ways to adapt to a new, healthier lifestyle!
    I love it that you brought up the pattern swap again this year–so glad you did. I too, feel very lucky to have met you and Amy on the internets, and no longer blush when I refer to both of you as friends. You both truly are. I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful FO’s in the coming weeks!!!

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