Posted by: mick | October 3, 2010

The Best of Intentions

You all might remember when I posted about a batch of jade-colored, handspun fingering weight BFL, about which I was particularly excited, back in August.  I was thinking about knitting a Multnomah shawl, but I asked for suggestions.  The wonderful Laura mentioned Aestlight being a good idea, and I agreed with her: it’s a lovely shawl, one that I’ve been eyeing for some time, but at that point we hadn’t gotten a pay check in months and were broke from the move, so I explained to her that I’d need to knit a pattern I already had or one that was free.  Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Ravelry the next day and saw that Laura had bought me a copy of the pattern as a house-warming gift.  Is it possible for a human to be sweeter than Laura?  Probably not.

I immediately cast on, and I really loved the pattern.  It comes with two options in terms of size, and I knew I had to make a choice.  I really wanted a larger, more snuggly shawl, but I knew this yarn wouldn’t make the larger size.  So, I put in a lifeline at the stopping point for the smaller size, knitted on, and decided to use some KnitPicks bare for the bird’s eye lace portion.  Many knitters on Ravelry have used a contrasting yarn at different stages of the edging with this pattern, and they all look really lovely.

I knitted happily on, but something kept tugging at my brain.  I wasn’t really in love with the two colors together; something just wasn’t right.  I kept going, though, until I allowed myself to see the truth: this particular color combination really was…matronly.  The green ended up looking minty, and the resulting shawl was one I knew I wouldn’t wear.  So, with one repeat of the final edging chart left, I ripped the whole thing back to the lifeline.  I decided to knit the smaller size of the shawl with no contrasting color, though I knew this might be pushing it, yardage-wise.  I finished the bird’s eye lace, seeing just how much yarn it ate, but still I knitted on.  It wasn’t until last Wednesday night that I came to terms with the shawl’s newest issue: there is no way I’ve got enough yarn to finish this shawl.  That tiny little ball you see is all that’s left, and I’ve got a little under half of the edging to go.  Nerts.

Unable to face the pain of ripping this shawl out, yet again, and finding a new pattern to knit with my beloved handspun (which is starting to look a little fuzzy after all of the ripping out), I did what any intrepid knitter would do.

I cast on for a Mara shawl, adding stripes of some fuzzy, undyed mohair that I bought at KDO last weekend.  It was the only logical recourse left me.  I’m finding the therapeutic nature of Beaverslide yarn and gartery softness healing, and once I’m done I’ll tackle what is coming to be known as the Aestlight Debacle of 2010.



  1. i think casting on for mara was exactly the right thing to do. and you’ll solve the debacle! (also, agreed: laura is a pretty sweet human being.)

  2. I read this post yesterday in the midst of a very weird, cooky day, and it gave me the smile that I needed. Thank you. It’s always a bummer when a match made in knitting heaven (or at least, what you thought was one) makes you hit the wall. Been there. I agree with the Rooster–Mara will likely cure all (plus that color combo is wonderful!). Happy first week of October!

  3. That Mara is going to be gorgeous! I made an Aestlight and I left off the pointed border because I wasn’t certain I’d have enough yarn, I am happy with how it came out.

  4. Excellent decision! I love brown and blue together, and from what pictures I’ve seen of your style, it’ll look great on you! The yarn you’re using for Aestlight it’s more of a summery/spring color, so don’t worry, you have PLENTY of time to conjure up the perfect plan.

  5. I agree: a very good decision, and certainly the only logical one. The stripes are perfect! Never fear, the debacle will be resolved.

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