Posted by: mick | September 6, 2010

FO: Silky Minimalist Cardigan

Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum, from IK Fall 2007

Yarn:  Adrienne Vitadini Marissa in colorway 705

Needles:  US 4 Addi Turbos

Began:  April 10, 2010;   Completed:  August 26, 2010 (Raveled here.) (Note: I finished all but 1/2 a sleeve and the seaming before our move, then picked it back up last week to finish it off.  It’s actually a very quick knit.)

Notes:  As you know, I’ve been trying to knit from the stash as much as possible lately.  Though this might sound like a drag, I’ve actually been enjoying it: it’s a real pleasure to discover a yarn that I bought years ago and give it some new life.  I still have a lot of yarns that I bought rather early in my knitting career, and it’s been a fun challenge to find a place to use them (especially when they’re yarns I wouldn’t necessarily buy today).

Marissa is one of those yarns.  It’s a lovely silk/cotton blend worsted weight, and in that regard there’s nothing wrong with it.  The main issues are that, since buying it, I’ve realized I’m not much of a “summer knits” gal, and that I bought it in peach.  Though the color is lovely, I still to this day don’t know what possessed me to buy it in sweater quantity.  It’s definitely not my color.  I think I was overwhelmed by the sale I was attending, and was completely seduced by the clearance price.

I really wanted to knit myself a spring/summer cardigan for summer teaching:  classrooms are often absolutely frigid, and my summer tops sometimes necessitate covering up both for warmth and for professionalism’s sake.  I couldn’t find a summer pattern that would work with the quanitity of yarn I had, and so I decided to take a gamble and knit a Minimalist Cardigan, a pattern I’d been eyeing for years, with shorter sleeves.  I only had 992 yards, so the shortening was a necessity.

This gamble paid off in some ways, but not in others.  The good:  the yarn was lovely to knit with and has a fabulous drape, making the finished cardigan soft, with a touch of shimmer, and quite flowy.  The bad: this color is basically the color of my pale, 100 spf-wearing skin, so it’s not really doing me any favors.  Also, I just knit the sleeves trying to use up as much yarn as possible, rather than shortening them outright, which was a Bad Move.  They end just at my elbow, which means that, while they cover my upper arm chub, they’re the same color as my skin and blouse in a way as to add to the appearance of upper arm chub.  Le sigh.

So there you have it: a stash-busting gamble with mixed results.  I’ve worn the sweater and gotten compliments, so some like it, though I’m not really in love.  It will definitely get worn a lot as our summer transitions into fall.  (It’s got to transition, right?  We can’t have 90 degree temps until Christmas, can we?  CAN WE?!).

As for styling, I wasn’t sure what color to pair with peach.  Then I thought of one of my stylish friends, who wears peach every day.

Anjanka: Making grey and peach look good since 2005

In the fall, I can see this with a snug 3/4 length tee underneath, and a pin at the neck or the bust where I overlap the collar, or over a button down with a belt at the waist.  We’ll see!



  1. i really like this — i see your concern about the color –but what about adding a darker scarf for more contrast around your face? also, i think it looks lovely with that gray top. (high five to your inspiration in the color-palette department!)

  2. Wow, truly adorable. I like the colour. Plus, you can also combine it with some brighter tees underneath.

  3. Maybe you could overdye it? My friend Sara ( does that all the time and it seems to work well. Scroll through her posts and you’ll see lovely results with this very color that’s been overdyed.

  4. I have the same color problem with my Apricot Jacket, which I otherwise love to pieces. barefootrooster’s idea of a scarf is a good one; a fun necklace could work, too. I also find this peachy beige works well to calm down strong jewel tones (this would look great over a ruby red dress or shirt) or prints. If the sleeve length bothers you to the point you’re not wearing it, you could always cut the sleeves, tear back a few inches and then graft the cuff back on…

  5. It’s definitely summery! I see what you’re saying about the peach… I have the same problem with peach/beige tones since they are the same color as my skin. I like the idea of a 3/4 length sleeve underneath, bunched up to just below the sweater sleeve, as sort of a color buffer between the sweater and your skin. {What an adorable cat! You’re right, she’s very stylish.}

  6. Well, I think it looks lovely on you! I agree that gray and peach are an excellent combination 🙂

    P.S. Love the lace ribbon scarf, too!

  7. Very cute, and I’m sure the texture and drape are amazing with that fiber content.

    I second the recommendation of pairing it with a darker colored scarf! Maybe something silky with a pattern? I can also see dark trouser-style jeans on the bottom.

    Hurray for knitting from the stash! I’m still at it myself.

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