Posted by: mick | August 29, 2010

FO: Lace Ribbon Scarf

Pattern:  Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery

Yarn:  Davidson Domy Heather in Boysenberry, a little over one skein

Needles:  I don’t remember.  Maybe US 3s?

Began:  July 7, 2010; Completed:  July 30, 2010 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  I love this scarf.  From beginning to end, it was a joy to knit.  The pattern definitely holds your attention, and it’s really easy to memorize.  After a few repeats I had it, and after that the scarf went with me everywhere.  I had a hard time putting this project down, always wanting to finish one more repeat.  It’s fun, portable, and easy, and the results are just gorgeous.  This is one of the few patterns I think I’ll knit twice; I definitely want a scarf like this for me.  Once again, Ms. Avery has reminded me why I love her designs.

Let’s talk about the yarn for a minute.  The pattern called for Alpaca Sox, but I wanted to knit from my stash.  I’ve had two balls of this Domy Heather fingering weight, which I bought directly from Old Mill Yarns at the MI Fiber Festival, for over three years.  I love the color and the rustic wooliness of it, but have never really found the perfect pattern.  It’s 100% wool so it doesn’t have the same drape as an alpaca/merino/nylon blend would, but it really did bloom into a beautiful, soft fabric.  The color is absolutely gorgeous, and tough to capture here: its lovely shades of maroon, lilac, and burgundy blend into something with wonderful depth.  I’m still knitting from stash, but I do believe I’ll buy myself a color card (available here ), and then treat myself to some yarn at Christmas.  Do check out Old Mill Yarns; they’re a small MI producer and they make a beautiful product, with colors that will make you swoon.

This is going off to live with my ex-step-sister.  Our parents split years ago, but we still keep in touch, and for that I’m really grateful.  She is one of those women who looks effortlessly chic no matter what she’s wearing, and I thought a lacey, heathered scarf would be something she could definitely make work.  She just graduated college, and I’m immensely proud of her, so I thought I’d knit this little baby up as congratulatory gift.  Now it’s off to keep her neck warm during her first fall/winter out of school, bringing hugs from a proud big sis.



  1. Oh, how beautiful! I love those complex heathered colors. I’m sure she’ll love it.

    I’m knitting from stash, too, and probably will be until the New Year. At first it felt constricting, but now it’s sort of inspiring and creative. Sometimes I go digging through the stash to find what will work for a pattern, but trying to find the right pattern that will make the most of the yarn is fun. I had forgotten how many beautiful yarns I had purchased and squirreled away.

  2. Beautiful! The pattern and the yarn look made for each other … so very pretty! You’ve got one lucky sister. Also: high five for stash knitting!

  3. That scarf is lovely! I saw that pattern in a Mon Tricot book (from years ago) and have thought about doing it….now I’m really motivated to find yarn (yes, from my stash) that would match too! Have a fantastic week ahead!

  4. I’ve had my eye on this pattern for some time now, I love it! This yarn is gorgeous as well–it’s going to make the perfect fall garment!

  5. said it before, but i’ll say it again. i LOVE this, especially in that rustic-looking wonderfulness you chose to knit it in. i have some rustic-y knightsbridge that might be the right answer for a version of this on bigger needles. i love the feeling that comes from knitting out of the stash. high fives all around.

  6. I need some of those Harry Potter knitting needles that just knit by themselves. You are a bad influence on my Ravelry queue 🙂 (Have I accused you of that before?)

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