Posted by: mick | August 20, 2010

FO: Stashbuster Socks

(Pay no attention to the visible wraps on my short-row heel.  The problem has since been rectified, and you’ll spot no wraps on my next pair of toe-up socks.)

Pattern:  My own toe-up sock recipe

Yarn:  Sandnes Garn Sisu in grey for the toe/heel/cuff, KPPPM in 518 for the rest

Needles:  KnitPicks US 0 circs

Began:  July 13, 2010; Completed:  August 7, 2010 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  I started these socks for two reasons.  First, I attend the occasional knit night at a bar, and with the low light I can’t manage anything more complicated than stockinette stitch in the round.  Second, I’ve been wanting to destash for quite some time, and this was the perfect opportunity to use up one of my three odd balls of KPPPM that have been hanging around for years.

The socks are fairly straight forward:  I used the magic cast-on, which I love, knitted to the heel (doing one row of grey before and after, though it’s barely visible because of the colors in the Koigu), short-row heel, then about 12 rows of k2p2 ribbing.  The only new thing I tried was a new bind-off:  Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off from the fall ’09 issue of knitty.  Guess what!  It’s surprisingly stretchy!  I think tightening up on the YOs a bit will make it a little more even, but overall I love it.  It naturally hinges at the ribbing, so it’s barely visible, and it’s nice and stretchy for toe-up socks.  I’m going to try it for top-down hats, too.  Huzzah!

So there it is: I’ve got one more pair of handknitted socks for this winter, and my stash is one ball of yarn lighter.  So what if I had to buy the Sisu in order to use up the koigu?  Clearly that purchase doesn’t count.  I’ve got enough left to do another set of contrasting sock bits, so I’ll take it.



  1. You’ve been so prolific lately I can hardly keep up! Cute socks, and bonus points for them being a stashbuster. Knitting night in a bar sounds like fun; good to hear that you’re taking the Pennsylvania knitting community by storm 🙂

  2. Great socks!

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