Posted by: mick | August 13, 2010

spinning therapy

Our first month in our new place has been a challenge.  Money has been really tight, I haven’t been working (though that all changes this week!), and it’s been incredibly hot.  Two days last month cooled down to about the mid-eighties, and I celebrated the “cold snap” by spinning up some fiber.  Those two days of marathon spinning really did improve my mood, and I ended up with yarn that I really love.

I ended up with 353 yards of heavy fingering weight yarn from 4 oz of BFL from the Knit Witch fiber club in colorway “Footloose.”  The color is a really lovely, jade green, with slight variations.  It’s so pretty, and my first fingering weight.  I’m thinking of a shawlette for this, and have been focusing on Multnomah.  Does anyone have any other recommendations?



  1. swoon. i think multnomah will be perfect. i am also thinking about a handspun boneyard shawl. well, and a gazillion others. but that’s why we just spin more yarn…

  2. That’s wonderful yarn and the pattern you’ve chosen would be great. I have my eyes on Shaelyn, you may want to check that one too as your yarn doesn’t appear to be super variegated and might work nicely with a lace motif.

  3. Multnomah is a great choice. I’ve also seen some beautiful Aestlight Shawls that I really like I love the color of this yarn, it’s going to look fantastic on you!

  4. That is some gorgeous yarn! I think Multnomah would be lovely, but if you’re looking for other options there is also Traveling Woman (, the Brandywine Shawl (, Aestlight…!

    Good luck with the new job!

    P.S. I also love your baby hat (the pooling is so cool on that), your hanspun Citron, etc. 🙂

  5. So pretty, Mick! You do such fine work. Very even, too – I always seem to over-spin and am working on that.

    The shawlette is very cute and will look great with your yarn! 😀

  6. […]  A little over a year ago, I finished some handspun that I thought would make a perfect Aestlight, but I wasn’t working yet after our move and […]

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