Posted by: mick | July 27, 2010

FO: Handspun Citron

Pattern:  Citron by Hilary Smith Callis

Yarn: My handspun, laceweight 70/30 Merino/Silk Singles

Needles:  US 5 Addi Turbo Lace needles

Began:  May 21, 2010; Completed:  June 28, 2010 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  It took me a long time to spin up all of these singles, and I really wanted to do something special with them.  I knew that, since I kept the fiber singles and there are really only two colors to the roving, I’d get long repeats that might stripe in a way I didn’t like in a triangular or rectangular shawl.  When I saw all of the gorgeous handspun Citrons popping up on Ravelry, however, I knew what this yarn wanted to be.  I’m pretty sure I cast on as soon as the yarn was dry, and I actually finished a few nights before we moved.  The move and unpacking delayed the blocking until last week, but now she’s all grown and ready to be worn.

This is definitely one of my favorite knitted items to date.  With the exception of adding one extra repeat, I didn’t change the pattern at all.  It is simple but keeps things interesting with the ruched sections and increase rows, and the result is a simple but fun shape that really shows off yarn with long color repeats.

I cannot wait for fall so that I can wear this: the merino/silk blend is so soft against my neck.  And the best part?  I used about 1/3 of my yarn, so I’ve got around 1100 yards left.  Who knows what I’ll do with it next.



  1. This looks fantastic. And I am amazed that it only took 1/3 of the yarn. Talk about making a good thing last…cool!

  2. I really like the citron pattern and your yarn makes it look truly beautiful. I can see why you are looking forward to wearing it.

  3. Brilliant – you must be so proud!

    That pattern is so cool – I’ve seen so many different projects in different yarns and they’re all beautiful and unique.

    Yours is such beautiful colours and has a really natural organic quality. Ace!

  4. It’s so beautiful, Mick! The yarn and the shawl both look amazing. I’m so impressed with your spinning and knitting!

  5. Question for you, Mick – do you spin using long or short draft?

  6. So pretty! And I can’t believe how much yarn you have left … yay!

  7. That’s beautiful, I love the colors!

  8. This is just amazing! It’s the perfect yarn, I love the subtle stripes and the colors. It looks nice and cozy, too!

  9. The yarn looks great in this pattern and the FO looks great on you.

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