Posted by: mick | July 21, 2010

Greetings from PA!

Helloooooo, everyone.  We’re here!  And we’re unpacked and settling in nicely.  You know what that calls for?  A bulleted update post, because I’m lazy like that.

Here’s what’s up with me, in no particular order:

  • We love our new place: we’ve got two balconies and a giant kitchen.  Photos on flickr for all who are interested!
  • I’m not working yet (though I’ve got an interview today, so cross your fingers!), so I’ve been doing a lot of fibery crafts.  A.  Lot.  I’ve finished my Citron, started and gotten halfway through a Lace Ribbon Scarf, started a pair of socks, knitted a baby hat, and spun 4 oz of fingering weight BFL.  I’ll have posts for all of these once they’re photographed, of course.
  • Being here means we can visit with family members, which rocks.  I’m taking advantage of my unemployment to head to the Jersey shore for a girls’ weekend with my mom and aunt, while J stays here, bringing home the bacon.  Sucker.
  • It is a lot hotter in PA than it is in MI.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • There is a farmers market every week within walking distance from our new place.  Last week we got peaches, corn, cheese, eggs, and squash.  Yummy goodness.
  • In PA, you can drive through a building to buy beer.  You tell the guy what you want, and he puts it in your trunk.  You never have to get out of the car.  True story.

So that’s a little update.  The move went relatively smoothly, though we’re incredibly broke after dealing with a Uhaul, movers, etc.  I’ll be back soon, but wanted to say hi and that I miss my fibery friends!



  1. hi back! so glad everything went smoothly. have fun at the jersey shore!

  2. unseasonably warm this year, i believe. but yes, generally july and august are HOT! glad to hear everything movingly went well.

  3. Glad to hear you made a smooth move. It’s just plain HOT this summer, no two ways about it. Have fun ‘down the Shore’ as they say.

  4. Welcome to PA!!!! We will need to plot out a time to finally meet. How exciting!

  5. Sounds like you’re settling in famously. Glad that you like the new place, your shot of the farmer’s market is beautiful! Hope that interview went well–anyone would be more than lucky to have you!

  6. welcome home! glad the move went well, here’s to making the most of being a kept woman for a while! x

  7. best PA bullet point ever. it sounds a lot like arkansas (especially the beer part). welcome home!

  8. Ooh, you are close(r) now! I am glad that the move went smoothly and I am excited for all your new opportunities. PA is a fun state. Best of luck with getting settled and discovering your new home.

  9. I peeked at your flickr page, and your new place is so cute! Bonus points for being in the town center too, with access to yarn and produce. I hope you’re continuing to settle in & enjoying this nice warm weather.

  10. I’m so behind on my blog-reading! Congrats on the move!

    We had “drive through” liquor stores like that in Ohio, too. So funny!

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