Posted by: mick | June 22, 2010

FO: Crochet Baby Blanket

Pattern:  Granny Square by Purl Bee

Yarn: Various worsted scraps

Hook:  US G ?

Began:  January 12, 2010;  Completed:  March 3, 2010 (Raveled here if you want to see all of the different scraps.)

Notes:  I started this project back in January with big plans.  I wanted to get rid of lots of stash yarn, and to make a nice afghan for chilly Winter nights.  None of this really worked out as planned: I started running out of yarn, and I refused to go out and buy more for what was supposed be a stash-buster.  Then, it turns out we’re moving to somewhere a little warmer than MI, so we won’t need an extra blanket anyway 🙂  I crocheted away on the blanket which, by the way, was completely relaxing and rather addicting, and then lost interest when I ran out of the fawn, light blue, light purple, and grey yarns.  What to do?

Then my neighbor found out she was having a baby girl, and I realized this was perfect for a MI baby: soft, warm, and just the right size.  I bound off, wove in ends, and gifted the blanket as it was when I put it down in March.  This ended up pretty cute, and I like the sophisticated colors for a baby rather than the bubble gum pinks that are more typical.  In the end it went to someone who will use and love it, and since I was going to make a gift for the baby anyway, it’s a win/win!  I’ll definitely be making an actual giant granny square afghan again, and I’m already eying up the new scraps I’m accumulating.  Good times.



  1. sounds like the perfect pairing of project and recipient. and i agree — the sophisticated colors are terrific.

  2. It’s gorgeous!

  3. What a great granny square blanket! I completely know where you’re coming from. I’ve started a number of crochet project to use up stash yarn, only to run out and have to buy more! Sounds like you found a great way to make the most of the project.

  4. Beautiful as always Mick! I have two crochet ripple afghans – one for a single bed and the other for a double. I think I started making them mid Autumn and as the weeks got colder, the blankets I was making got longer in tune with the temperature, providing the warmth I needed while I worked on them. It was the perfect example of crafting responding to need and one of the reasons why I love doing what we all do… x

  5. It’s wonderful! A great way to use up scraps, that’s for sure! The colors came together very well. Both mom and baby are lucky to receive it! 🙂

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