Posted by: mick | April 11, 2010

What’s new?

Life has been hectic lately, which I feel like I shouldn’t say anymore.  It seems I open every post like that, doesn’t it?  Perhaps I need to find the time to post when I’m not, say, running in circles from stress and busyness.  But I digress.

It’s been almost a month since my last post, and a lot has happened.  I spent most of my time last week in Cleveland, helping out my grandfather after a surgery.  I got some knitting done on a pair of baby booties (for one of the four families I know expecting in June/July, yikes!), but somehow my gauge changed radically from the first to the second booty.  This happens to me all the time, and I have no idea how; perhaps my tendency to overthink things has carried over into my knitting life.  I know it’ll take a very short time to fix, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

In the meantime, I’ve been suffering from a lack of knitting mojo.  I was working on my Kerrera, but now that it’s warm I’ve lost steam on my desire to knit it.  I know I’ll start it up again come September-ish, but for now it’s hibernating.  I’ve struggled to find something to knit that I really love, and so I’ve been spending lots of time at the wheel.  I’ve got about 9 ounces of Merino/Silk fiber in teal and brown, and I decided that I should spin this into laceweight singles.  It’s been a learning experience as well as lots of fun, but now that I’m moving on to my third bobbin (and I’ve already got 1270 yards of laceweight/light fingering singles), I’m getting a little bored.

I did buy some yarn at the Webs anniversary sale, even though I haven’t used the yarn I bought at last year’s sale completely.  Don’t judge me.  I couldn’t help myself when I saw that Aslan Trends Invernal was included in the sale: I’ve been drooling over that yarn for over a year, but could never afford it.  Now I’ve got a sweater’s worth, in the most beautiful, buttery yellow!

Adding to my stash does have me feeling a little guilty.  I’m doing some stash-busting with the baby booties, but that’s not really enough, since my goal is to use two balls of yarn for every one that I buy.  So far, I’m not doing too well on that front.  So last night, I cast on for a Minimalist Cardigan, using one of my oldest stash yarns.  It’s a cotton/silk blend, and I’m a little short on the yardage, so this sweater might end up being a huge flop.  We shall see.

And now I’m off to tackle the writing/research/grading tornado that is the end of the semester.  Thanks for sticking with me through my ridiculous lulls in posting!



  1. love those yellow shoes. i hear you about knitting mojo, and about the tornado of the end of the semester. just when i most need to buckle down and get to work, the sun comes out and i lose all motivation…

    those are lovely singles. but man, it is hard to get through a whole laceweight spinning project. are you going to keep this as singles, or ply them together?

  2. yeah… i bought that yellow too, although not at webs. irresistible! and maybe its beauty will give you some mojo back 🙂

    you, my darling, are a braver woman than me to do lace weight. i don’t think i’ve ever spun anything that could be considered lace weight, even when i’ve tried. ha!

  3. Such cute shoes!!!!! When I was little, my mom had flats like them in every color. They make me happy…I’ll have to find cute yellow shoes 🙂

    Your spinning continues to wow me! So pretty and so even.

  4. Hey! Good to see you back–that spinning looks fabulous! I haven’t tried to make singles
    yet–I love these colors!

  5. I love the singles! That color is lovely. I just picked up some merino/silk blend in pinks (which is a totally new territory for me, in both color and fiber). It’s proving to be very difficult for me to get it to do anything. What do you think you’ll make with your merino/silk yarn?

    Good luck with the end-of-semester push! You can do it! (And you have a lovely incentive to keep trying – some buttery yellow yarn to play with once grading/classes are finished!)

  6. Nice to hear from you again! Glad all is well 🙂

    Your lovely summery yellow yarn looks beautiful.

  7. I definitely hear you on the stash guilt… I have been suffering from this too! That new yarn is quite lovely though – so don’t feel too guilty about it 🙂

    Best wishes with all the grading, etc.

  8. I’m chiming in on the cute shoes theme – I love them! And the new yarn is gorgeous too of course x

  9. That laceweight is gorgeous! I’ll forgive you for getting board with it after spinning so much of it 🙂

    Good luck with the end-of-semester excitement!

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