Posted by: mick | March 16, 2010

My first sewn garment!

Remember a few weeks back, when I posted pictures of fabric and patterns and announced my big plan to do lots of sewing over spring break?  Well those dreams have been realized!  I present to you, my first skirt:

I snapped this photo right after finishing it.  Please excuse my scarred up knees, as well as the machine-sewn hem.  The pattern (McCall’s M3341, “quick and easy” pattern) told me to hand hem this, but it took me days to make and at this point I couldn’t be bothered.  The print hides the stitches pretty well, so I don’t really care.

And here’s a shot of the way I actually wore it to teach last Monday:

I love it!  I’m definitely going to make more skirts (whenever I have the time).



  1. Tres cute!!!!

  2. Such an adorable print! You can’t see the machine hem at all, so I think it’s fine. Great job!

  3. It looks very nice. Well done, dear!

    I’m a fan of machine-sewn edges, if only for the sake of saving a bit of time. I think it looks very nice on your skirt!

  4. That’s excellent for your first sewn garment! How did you find sewing in the zipper? I always get sloppy with that, but that might be because I don’t have a zipper foot. I really need to make more skirts myself… for some reason skirts are really hard to find in stores!

  5. YEEESSS! how did i miss this?! dude, mick, machine sewn hems are the way to go, especially, i think, if this is cotton? and is there… gasp… a ZIPPER??

    your hem is awesome, no reason i can see to hide it! in fact, i think a machine hem makes a more professional finish… i sometimes even use the first stitch line as a guide, then stitch around again to make a fake twin line of stitching. i bet if you have a look at your store bought skirts, you’ll find that your hem is just as beautiful!

  6. Well done you! I know what you mean about hand sewing hems though, the pattern always suggests it and I always think, meh… Can’t wait to see more! x

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