Posted by: mick | February 25, 2010

Second Stash

This year I swore I wouldn’t buy new yarn.  Well, let’s rephrase that: I swore I’d use twice as much yarn as I bought.  This should keep the yarn stash aquisition to a minimum, since I don’t get that much knitting time and ten to use up yarn very slowly.

Little did I realize that I am quickly aquiring a second stash: fabrics.  I bought the fabric that I showed you a month ago, but haven’t had time to make the bag yet.  Then, today, I went back to Field’s for their big President’s Day sale, and got the following: (Note: notions aren’t pictured)

I’m not going to chastise myself, however.  I really need a few skirts for teaching this summer, and since the patterns were on sale (down from $15 to 2 for $3!!!) and the fabrics were 20% off, I got this whole batch, plus buttons for some knitting projects, for less than one new skirt would cost me from the Gap.  I’ve never made my own clothes, and so I made sure to get two patterns specifically marked “easy.”  I’ll make the more flowy skirt out of the pink floral, and the a-line knee length out of the black and red.  Both fabrics are cotton for ease of care and comfort in the summer, and I’ve got to admit that I cannot wait to get started.  I bought the top pattern for future sewing projects: it’s super cute, but definitely not as easy as the other two, and I’ll tackle it when I’ve had a little bit more practice.

There’s something about making my own clothes that really appeals to me, and so sewing seems like the natural step after knitting.  When I go into a store I touch everything before trying it on, and often don’t like what I feel.  Then, once I try things on, I often have a difficult time fitting things to my petite yet very curvy frame.  This way I can fit everything to myself perfectly, at least once I get some practice, and I guarantee that I’ll like the fabrics.

I’m on spring break this week, and I plan on spending some quality time with my sewing machine.  Wish me luck!



  1. Nice! Careful – fabric buying is crazy addicting. (I’ve only been buying for 8 months and already have enough to make umpteen quilts … eeks!)

  2. I have complete faith that you will do a GREAT job! You are fearless!!!

    Love mom

  3. love the pink and brown floral! that will make such a kicky skirt. Sew on, my friend, sew on!

  4. Yay sewing! I love that black/red print – it will make an awesome summer skirt. I hope you enjoy making clothes – I agree, it is a natural evolution from knitting (and while there is a learning curve, I thought knitting was harder to pick up for me.)

  5. You always need more material so don’t feel bad. I’ve made the un/fortunate mistake of befriending our school’s Textiles teacher – free stash fabric on tap. Vary, very dangerous…Can’t wait to see your finished creations! x

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