Posted by: mick | February 13, 2010


Shortly after completing our first KAL, Amy, Laura, and I started planning our second.  We all wanted to knit another cardigan, and quickly settled on the fabulous Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston.  I’ve been drooling over this pattern for a while, and I couldn’t wait to cast on.  First, however, I had to find the right yarn.

I’ve been destashing pretty heavily due to a new crochet project, and so I didn’t feel too badly buying a sweater’s worth of Beaverslide worsted in the gorgeous blue colorway Delphinium.  Seriously, this is the color I wanted for my wedding dress, but I’ll settle for a bright blue, hooded cardigan.  I cast on February 1st, quickly ripped out and went down a sweater size, and re-cast on.  I finished the double garter stitch just before taking this photo, and I haven’t touched the sweater since.  You see, kids, double garter stitch is a jerk.  It looks beautiful, but is a royal pain to knit, and somewhere along the line (the loooooooong line, since this stitch takes forever), I screwed up.  I then tried to fix it, and screwed it up even more.  This means that I’ll have to rip back and do the entire thing again, since I’m having a really hard time reading the stitch, and that makes me grouchy.  So, I’ve been working on other things.

Like my giant, stash-busting granny square.  It’s now lap blanket sized and I’ve run out of some of the colors, but I’m not letting that stop me.  I’ve got a lot more purple than anything else, so as I run out I replace that stripe with purple.  The resulting blanket will be, undoubtedly, quite ugly, but I think that’ll be part of its charm.

I’ve also been working on a new design project that’s been taking up a lot of my knitting time, but I can’t post about that here.  It’s a birthday present for my fabulous mom, and she’s requested I don’t post any photos (even though she had to measure her hands so I could custom fit her gift, so it’s not exactly a surprise what she’s getting.  Very cute.).  Don’t worry, Mom!  The present is coming along and I’m doing my best to ensure you get a perfect fit.

And finally, today I’ve been doing a little bit of spinning in between reading/laundry/grading.  I bought this gorgeous, brown and aqua, merino/silk blend almost two years ago from Sandy’s Palette at the MI Fiber Festival, and I’ve been saving it until I get “really good” at spinning.  Last night, while watching the opening ceremonies, I up and realized how silly that is.  Do I honestly think I’ll eventually be the “perfect” spinner?  If I save this fiber until I meet my own, ridiculous expectations, I’ll never use it.  So, I’ve started spinning it and am just doing my best to enjoy the experience.  My goal is for a lace or light fingering weight two-ply, and so far I think it’s coming along rather well.

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post!  I will be writing up a pattern over the next few weeks, and I’ll definitely take my volunteers up on test-knitting.  You guys rock, as always!



  1. i love the color you picked for your cardigan. i have been trying to add more color to my knitting and that would definitely be one of my choices.

    i know what you mean about having a problem following some patterns. sometimes you just have some kind of brain freeze and you have to walk away for a while.

    i would also love to be one of your test knitterx. could you add me to your list?

  2. mick — that blue is AWESOME. and really, the second time through the double garter will go faster. promise. (but i totally feel your pain.) that granny square blanket is super cool. i might need to learn to crochet. and that spinning!! seems that the right kind of productivity is happening at your house!

  3. You and Amy both had problems with this stitch but the sweater is so cool looking it will be worth it. And that Beaverslide? Awesome. I MUST get me some to knit up a sweater.

  4. Mick, your knitting & crocheting projects are fabulous! I think once I finish some of the projects I’ve started (two pairs of socks and a shawl), I may take a page from your book and knit a cardigan or sweater. 🙂 Maybe in a couple weeks I will.

    As for spinning – the blend you’ve picked up is delightful. I have some merino that my aunt gave me, but – like you – I’ve been timid about using it because I want to “get better” at spinning before I touch the nice fiber. I’m worried that I will ruin it, and I definitely don’t want to do that. You’re inspiring, though! Perhaps sometime soon I really will try to work with it even though I haven’t hit my own standard of “good” spinning. 😉

  5. The granny square is looking awesome! Holy cow, do they eat yarn. 🙂

    Re: the hyphenated name issue…

    My social security card does have my hyphenated name on it, with a hyphen. I just dug it out and looked at it to double check.

    I’m not sure about the tax forms, as Paul usually handles our taxes, but I can take a look and keep you posted.

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