Posted by: mick | January 17, 2010

FO: Leybrun Socks

Pattern: Leybrun by MintyFresh

Yarn: 2 skeins KPPPM in colorway 856

Needles: KnitPicks US 0 circs

Began:  May 14, 2009;  Completed:  December 29, 2009 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  I love these socks.  J bought me the yarn several Christmases ago, and I love the colors; they go from a dark, almost-black purple to small runs of fuchsia, wine, and deep aubergine.  The colors are just gorgeous, and I really wanted to find a pattern to show them off.  I’d been eyeing Leybrun for a while, and I thought the slipped stitches might show-off the yarn’s subtle variegation.  Boy, was I right!

I cast-on for these the night before our rehearsal dinner in May.  We had a house full of friends, family members were in town, and the next day we were heading to the inn for our wedding weekend.  Needless to say, I was rather nervous and thought socks would be a good project to distract me.  I ended up taking the socks on our honeymoon and did some knitting on the airplane (not too much, though, as I’m such a nervous flyer that my hands get embarrassingly sweaty), and I didn’t pay much attention to them after finishing the first sock in June.  I picked these back up this fall, turned the heel, and then picked them up again over break to finish them.  My only mods were to sub twisted rib for standard 1×1 ribbing, as I do with most of my sock cuffs.

Don’t let my long time to completion dissuade you: this is a great pattern!  I was merely focusing my knitting time on various gift projects and a sweater.  Now that they’re done, though, I can’t wait for the snow to be gone.  These go rather high up my calf (I used every last bit of yarn) and will keep me nice and warm.  I don’t want to hide these socks under boots, however; I plan to wear them as I do in the picture, with cute black flats to show off the stitches.  These babies want to be seen!  I love the socks, and I really loved the yarn.  I’ve never knitted socks out of KPPPM before, mainly because I didn’t want socks that I’d have to hand wash.  After a blocking, however, I can see why this yarn has so many devotees: the fabric is squishy, warm, and springy.  These are some comfy socks and, if I say so myself, quite good-looking to boot.  This project makes me wonder why I don’t knit more socks for myself.  They’re sweaters for your feet.  What’s not to love?



  1. these are just stunning. here’s hoping you get to show those off very soon — the snow has almost melted here, thanks to a few warm days. i’ve been working on a pair of socks this weekend too, and it is so satisfying that i’m wondering the same thing — why don’t i make more of these?

  2. Your socks are beautiful, it’s a terrific pattern choice to showcase the yarn. Sock knitting is VERY satisfying.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I too, am in love with these colors!

  4. The perfect pair of socks! Wonderful marriage of yarn to pattern! These look like the pair you’ll always be looking for first!

    Well done!

  5. That pattern has been in my queue for some time now. Do they have some strech to them or are they pretty firm? Love knitting with Koigu- a visual and tactile delight!

  6. Perfect marriage of pattern and yarn. Great job! I haven’t finished a pair of socks for a long time – you’re motivating me to pick up the tiny needles again.

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