Posted by: mick | January 4, 2010

FO: Moderne Log Cabin

Pattern:  Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting, by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Yarn:  Valley Yarns Northampton in Eggplant, Fawn, Burgundy, and Lavender

Needles:  Denise US 6 for the body and US 8  for the i-cord edging

Began:  June 25, 2009; Completed:  December 26, 2009 (Raveled here.)

Notes:  It’s not everyone that appreciates a knitted blanket; these are very time-consuming gifts, and I knew that, if I ever made one, it would be for someone who would really understand all of the time, work, and love that went into it.  Our dear friends, Renee and Jax, are those someones.  They moved into their new house in April, and in June I bought yarn to match the colors in various rooms (which, not coincidentally, happen to look great together).  I worked on this blanket pretty faithfully for months, with breaks for smaller projects in between, and was able to give it to them upon their return from their honeymoon.

I did many things differently here, but nothing really ground-breaking.  I measured my gauge and did some math, since my yarn was heavier than that called for in the book, and it worked out really well; my blocks were all multiples of five, with heights of either 25 or 50 rows.  Easy peasy.  I omitted the last two large blocks for a throw-sized rather than bed-sized blankie, since my friends are pretty petite people.  I did an applied i-cord edging, my first ever, and I loved it.  And finally, I really wanted to make this a personal gift, so I knitted a small rectangle of stockinette in the corner of one of the blocks, and after it was finished I embroidered their wedding date in the rectangle.  This is probably my favorite detail of the blanket, and my friends really appreciated it.

I loved the pattern and loved the yarn equally; this was a great, relatively mindless knit for watching tv or relaxing.  It didn’t travel well toward the end, but other than that it was lovely.  The yarn was also a joy to knit with; only one ball had knots, and the rest were great.  My friend rubbed the blanket against her neck and was awed at how soft it is, and I call that a win since she doesn’t relish the sheepiness like I do.  It was inexpensive, too, which is definitely a factor when tackling a big project like this.  Overall my friends loved it, I’m happy with it, and I got to knit many rows of therapeutic garter stitch.  I’m pretty pleased with this one.



  1. The blanket looks great. I like the colours and the simple design.


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