Posted by: mick | January 1, 2010

So this is the new year

The new year always seems to sneak up on me.  I rush and rush to get my work done at the end of the semester, Christmas is gone in a flash, and suddenly I’ve got to learn to write new numbers for the date (which always takes me longer than it should, for some reason.  Maybe it’s my brain’s natural reaction to change).

2009 has been one long rollercoaster; it contained both painful losses and new additions, joyous celebrations and periods of uncertainty.  Perhaps it’s due to half the year being filled with feverish wedding preparation, but 2009 has really gone by in a blur.  Looking back at my goals from last year, I accomplished them about halfway.  My crafty goals seem to have gotten thrown aside, but I’ve achieved many of my personal goals, which seems like a win.  This year I’m just going to write a bit about what I’d like to do, learn, and accomplish, and the kind of person I’d like to become.  This may not be very interesting to many of you, as the list is really so that I can get it out there and hold myself accountable,  so please feel free to close this window and come back for my next post, where I’ll show you one of the four unfinished objects I’ve converted to FOs over the past two weeks.

And so, looking forward to 2010, here are things I’d like to do, in no particular order:

  • Be kinder and more gentle to those around me.  I can be quick to anger and some what callous, and I need to consider others’ feelings a bit more.
  • Work on my own negativity.  I want to be the kind of person who looks on the bright side a bit more often.  The people I love are bastions of positivity, and I would like to return the favor.
  • Be healthier.  J and I have fallen into a very bad pattern of eating out because it’s convenient, and the MI winters lend themselves easily to a more sedentary lifestyle.  I’m hoping to drink more water, do more yoga, and eat lots of healthy, vegetarian soups.
  • Practice mindfulness, paying attention to what I’m doing, thinking, feeling, etc.  I want to experience a bit more and stop rushing through my life.  I’d like to find the time for quiet moments, whether they be in the morning over coffee or in the evening before bed.  Multi-tasking has really gotten in the way of my truly experiencing the things I hold dear.
  • Spend a LOT less time in front of my computer.  I plan to check my emails/facebook/etc. 3 times a day, and that’s it.  That sounds like a lot, but having wifi in the house makes the internet way too accessible.  I can’t resist it.  This will also allow me to spend more time with the people and kitties that I love.
  • Destash, both in the knitting and clothing sense.  I don’t need new clothes or new yarn, and I will only buy what I truly need.  My own tendency toward being a magpie in shopping situations is rather intense, and I come home with things I don’t/won’t use.  I’ve been working on this, but there’s definitely room for improvement.
  • Take it a little bit easier on me.  I’m a work in progress, and I’m trying, and I need to be okay with my less than perfect self.
  • And finally, try as many new things as possible, and with an open heart.  I’m not very good with change; it causes me a whole lot of anxiety.  I want to take deep breaths, feel that anxiety for a second, and then move through it.  Life is full of change, and I’ll get along a lot more easily if I just go with it.

I haven’t really included crafty goals, other than the continuing destashing, because I don’t want to think about my hobbies as things that need to be accomplished.  I want to continue enjoying knitting/spinning/sewing, learning new techniques as I go and truly slowing down to enjoy the process of creating.  This seems to fit well with the personal goals I’ve listed above.

So there we have it, folks.  I’m hoping 2010 is a bit more quiet than 2009, and I thank you all for reading along as we go.  Happy New Year!



  1. Holy crap, you two look so cute in that picture!

    Have a great new year!

  2. Mick- Wishing you and yours a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2010! Hope we finally get to meet this year 🙂


  3. Admirable goals! J and I have too fallen into a pattern of eating out more than usual, so here’s the secret: plan ahead. We recently starting making a list of dinners at the beginning of the week and a shopping list to go along. It has helped so much. Plus, I find it’s easier to eat healthier when you already have good ingredients in the house. Good luck and have a great new year!

  4. Have a good new year!
    So many goals for 2010? May all your whishes come true.


  5. Happy new year! I love that coat, btw!

  6. Mick, it’s as though you went into my head and captured EVERY SINGLE thing that I wanted to say but haven’t. Your list of changes is exactly what I want from my life, too.

    Thanks and Happy New Year1

  7. What an excellent, thoughtful set of resolutions.

    I wish you every success and a super-duper 2010! Happy New Year!

  8. Lovely photo of you two! It is a very thoughtfu list you have – with your next-to-last one being one of the most important. We are all works-in-progress, and it is so hard to change. Have patience with yourself and I think you will find that it is easier to be more mindful of how you treat others as well.

    And wow, I so hear you on the computer thing… I spend way too much time on the computer between
    work and home. I am trying to figure out how to cut it out while still keeping up with things that matter to me like Rav, Flickr, and blogs 😛 it’s tough to find a balance.

    Best wishes, Mick, and happy new year~~:D

  9. Those are wonderful goals! And so many of them are ones that I have for myself, especially the computer thing. I spend so much time just poking around on the web, and while I do enjoy having a lot of friendships via blogs and flickr and whatnot, I often end up wondering what happened to my time. I’m also hoping this helps with the mindfulness goals, too, because it really saddens me to realize how much of the past couple of years is a giant blur for me in my memory. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons for that (health problems, etc), but I can’t imagine that constantly being on the computer helps.

    My husband and I used to order food all the time, and just generally eat poorly, and what helped us was making weekly menus, which we then converted into grocery lists. This kept us from just eating crap all the time, and also prevented the endless “what do you want to eat?”, “I don’t know, what do YOU want to eat?” debates we’d have every single night.

    Best wishes to you, and happy new year!

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