Posted by: mick | December 3, 2009

FO: Super Hero Helmet Hat

Pattern: Super Hero Helmet Hat by Cosette Cornelius-Bates

Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in Purple Mystery, a little less than one skein, and some bulky alpaca scraps for the stripes

Needles:  US 9s

Began November 25, 2009; Completed November 27, 2009 (Raveled here.)

Notes: You know how sometimes, when you’re really stressed and it’s the end of the semester and you have two long papers to write, three projects on the needles (one of which is a deadline knit), and a Thanksgiving meal to prepare, you decide to cast-on for something new because you just can’t not cast-on anymore?  And that one thing becomes all you can think about, and you finish it in record time despite being colossally busy, and you wear it around the house for days on end because it’s just the BEST HAT EVER?  That’s what happened to me here.  I knew you’d understand.

Back in October, Cosy had a great idea on her blog; she had daily prizes of different, fabulous patterns she designed.  The deal was, if you won, you had to produce an FO and link back to her in two months.  I won the Super Hero Helmet Hat, just happened to have the world’s softest, squishiest yarn in the most perfect shade of purple, and the fates came together to produce this hat.

It is the best hat ever.  I wear it all the time, both inside and out of the house.  It is squishy, soft, keeps my ears warm, and is just whimsical enough to make me feel like a winter sprite.  (This is a requirement of my winter knits: must have a touch of whimsy.)  When BarefootRooster Amy made hers, she immediately cast-on for another.  I scoffed, thinking she was a wee bit obsessed with garter.  And then I knitted one, and immediately started looking for other oddballs of bulky yarn in my stash.  Go forth and buy this pattern, knit this hat, and wear it with glee.  It’s my new favorite winter accessory, and I bet it will be yours, too.  Thanks, Cosy, for another awesome pattern!



  1. oh, mick! yours is ADORABLE. i know exactly what you mean. i gifted my green one (but it was hard to part with) and my handspun hat is so squishy, but a little big for wearing at the computer. i might need another…

    i love the stripes you added! good luck with the end of the semester craziness.

  2. You look like an elf! (And i mean that in the cutest, most whimsical way 🙂 I totally wear a hat in my house too, even when I’m sleeping. Really cuts down on those electricity bills. Love the yarn, too!

  3. Wonderful! And I too am a big fan of hats in the house. Good luck with the semester madness.

  4. Love the hat! The snowflakes on your blog….wow, so trippy! I am dizzy.

  5. aw… thanks so much for the nice review. i’m so glad you like it!!

  6. you look like gleeful christmas in this. this is the kind of hat that makes me wish my hair weren’t quite so large and unhattable!

  7. […] really need a super warm wool hat.  Then it got cold in Nashville.  Then I saw this post: another super hero helmet hat.  And I thought to myself, today is the day. So, I ball and a half of Rowan big wool in […]

  8. Mick,

    I get the “cast-on” thing, oh so well. Although I have no idea how to knit, and only an alphabet based knowledge of crochet, I can relate to this in defiant reading strategies-funny I just wrote about the same kind of thing in my blog! Somehow though, I have to believe, the energy diverted casting-on benefits the looming deadlines of college work, and the holidays (or am I just kidding myself?)!

  9. […] this fabulous super hero helmet hat, by mick, can be found over here, on the much adored blog. […]

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