Posted by: mick | November 28, 2009

Color week!

Color week

Originally uploaded by ms. mcgee


Last week, I participated in the Color Week group on Flickr. Each day was assigned a different color, and I had a fantastic time. It made me look at my surroundings differently, searching for bits of color in my every-day life. My favorite days were purple and yellow, as you might be able to tell from the mosaic. Green would have been bigger, but it was very rainy that day and I had terrible light.

Overall this was a really fun project; there are many other photos on Flickr if you’re interested!

On a side note, please forgive me for my absence from the blog of late. We’ve hit major end of semester crunch time, and life has been rather crazy. I do intend to respond to your lovely comments, but they will undoubtedly be quite late (even later than they are right now). Please know that I’m still reading all of your kind thoughts and do appreciate them, and am following along on your lovely blogs as well. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!



  1. I did one of these and thought it was a lot of fun – it really forces you to notice the color around you, and look at all of the random stuff around your house in a new light… or a new hue, if you will 🙂

    Good luck with the end of semester crunch!

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