Posted by: mick | October 21, 2009

Introducing Anjanka

Anja cat

After we lost our sweet girl, J and I started thinking about adopting another cat pretty quickly.  I knew that the house would feel empty without my mow girl (and I was right), and that having a new friend would help me, and Wiglaf, with our grief.  I felt guilty at first, like this was somehow a betrayal of Patches: would adopting a new kitty mean I loved her less?  J, ever the voice of calm and reason, reassured me that of course it wouldn’t; he kept telling me, “It’s just love.”  Deep down I knew that my Patches would want me to share all of the love I have with another kitty asap (though not while she was here, of course!).  So we did some looking on PetFinder, I filled out an application for the SPCA here in Kalamazoo, and we went to meet a beautiful kitty that had caught my eye.

The kitty we went to see turned out to be too shy; she wasn’t really socialized yet at all and, while she was undoubtedly a lovely cat, we didn’t want to stress Wiglaf out any more than necessary.  I kept noticing a beautiful cat across the room, a dilute tortoiseshell, petite, female.  She came right up to me, rubbed and nibbled on my fingers, and licked my nose.  The volunteers at the shelter, for whom there is a special place in heaven, told us that this kitty is so petite because she’d had kittens very early in life, which stunted her growth.  She came to the shelter as a very young, pregnant cat, and never left; she’d been there over 4 years, the longest of any of the cats they had.  We went home to “think about it” (but really to come up with names), and brought her home two days later.

new kitty!

Her name was Darla at the shelter, but we changed her name to Anjanka.  If you watch Buffy, you’ll recognize the name of the revenge demon with a heart of gold who is sweet, silly, and a badass underneath.  This suits our newest family member perfectly.  She fit right in immediately, playing with toys, purring, and sleeping with us in the bed the first night home.  She is social, sweet, and bitey.  We love her to bits already, and are enjoying watching her get more and more comfortable.  It’s hard to believe she’s only been here 3 weeks.

So, blog, meet Anjanka.  Be prepared for more photos of her, though not with knitting.  She eats yarn.  We’re working on it.



  1. aw… what a sweet pea. welcome to your new home. happy transition.

  2. what an adorable kitteh

  3. She is so beautiful…and tiny, I thought she was about 4-5 mos old! Her markings are lovely. Happy to hear she is fitting in so well to her new home. Patches would heartily approve.

  4. She’s so cute! And quite feminine.

  5. Aww – great name too!

  6. she’s absolutely gorgeous mick! I agree with lisa, patches would most definitely approve x

  7. congratulations! she is beautiful!

  8. What a cute kitty! That’s funny what you said about her being bitey – some cats are scratchy, some cats are bitey. It’s a good descriptor!

  9. Hello, Anjanka! She’s so lovely and tiny! I’m sure Patches would approve.

  10. I just discovered your blog via Barefoot Rooster.

    Anjanka is the cutest little kitty! My heart just melts. I love torties.

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