Posted by: mick | October 1, 2009

The Magical Mail

This post is shamefully overdue (as are most of the posts I’ll be doing this week).  I’ve had this to write about for weeks but life kept getting in the way of my writing it.  And now, onward with the post!

Back in July, Saffron posted that she had a few projects she wanted to knit calling for laceweight yarn.  She wanted to cast-on soon but, alas, was on a self-imposed yarn-buying hiatus.  I messaged her with an idea: I had two skeins of gorgeous Alpaca with a Twist Fino that I bought years ago, just languishing in my stash.  While I still love the color and the softness of this yarn, I now know that I just can’t wear alpaca against my skin.  So I proposed a swap, and she accepted, agreeing to send me four balls of Sublime cashmere/merino/silk blend (swoon) in a lovely navy and a gorgeous, muted purple.

So we both shipped off our packages and, a few days later, I was shocked to learn that my package had made it to Saffron quite speedily.  Yippee!  So I left for the east coast for 3 weeks, knowing that I’d have a lovely package of yarn waiting upon my return.

battered mailIt wasn’t here when I got back and, when it still hadn’t arrived at the beginning of September, Saffron very generously sent me some PayPal money for the yarn.  I felt so bad about this: the swap was entirely designed so that we enhanced our respective stashes without spending money!  I went and treated myself to some new spinning fiber and hoped that that, too, wouldn’t get lost in the mail.

I received the fiber on a Monday and, on Tuesday, wouldn’t you know that this showed up on my door.

The box is bruised and battered, but the lovely goodies Saffron gave me made it safe and sound.  She included a ton of school supplies from Blackwell Publishers, all packed in an awesome re-usable bag (perfect for small knitting projects!), in addition to the gorgeous yarn.  I was so excited!  And then I promptly sent back Saffron’s money via PayPal, which she plans to use for some yarn.  So…we started off with the best intentions, but ended up buying ourselves some treats just the same.nerdy swap goodness

Thanks again, Saffron!  I’m hoping to make a Koolhaas hat with the yarn, and possibly an Inga.  What are you doing with the yarn I sent you?  I can’t wait to see!



  1. When you mentioned you were getting Sublime the first thing I thought of was, “oooh a nice hat!” Lo and behold…you have plans for two!

    Glad it worked out, but jeesh what a headache getting there!

  2. That is a seriously sad-looking box! Glad your yarn was ok though.

  3. for the UK postal service. Honestly, I don’t know what went wrong. It looks like an elephant trod on it!

    I am struggling with a too-many-ideas-not-enough-time knitting issue at the moment.

    Maybe a swatch would help me decide…

    Good luck with your hats. I made a Verity beret from that yarn last year and really enjoyed working with it.

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