Posted by: mick | September 11, 2009

FO: Handspun Lacy Baktus

lacy baktusPattern: Lacy Baktus, Terhi  Montonen’s variation of Strikkelise’s Baktus pattern (Raveled here.)

Yarn: My own laceweight, handspun, Crisp Morning Corriedale from Cosy’s hand-dyed fiber

Needles: KnitPicks US Zeroes

Began: July 21, 2009 ; Completed: September 2, 2009

Notes:  I don’t think I could love this scarf any more if I tried.  The handspun was my first ever attempt at both a single and a laceweight, and I wanted something to show off the subtle color changes that first drew me to this fiber.  I originally cast-on for the non-lacy original, but it wasn’t working; instead, the simple eyelet lace pattern of Terhi’s version really made the color shifts stand out.  (The first picture provides a better idea of how I’ll wear it, but the second is more accurate as to color.  Don’t mind my non-smiley mug, I just wanted to hold still to get the photo done.  Love the random, brown end.)

This pattern was easy to memorize, quick to knit, and quite addictive.  I immediately wanted to cast on for a second (in the non-lacy version) with some KPPPM oddballs I have, but I’m forcing myself to wait.  In the meantime, I cannot wait for fall weather to hit SWMI, when I’ll wear this scarf pretty much all the time.  It’s a great way to use up all of a special yarn, as it’s easy to measure your quantity and know when you’re hitting exactly the halfway point.  This was my original plan but the scarf was getting pretty long, so I ended up with about a half ounce left, enough to do the edging on something lacy and light.  This simple, gorgeous item will definitely get a ton of wear this season.  Can’t wait!

baktus colors



  1. oooooh, i LOVE this. (and i need one.) this looks fantastic — and you look fantastic. can’t wait to see more handspun over here!

  2. Very nice! I, too, enjoy the subtle color changes. It looks cozy and warm.

  3. Oh, wow, it’s gorgeous! And you totally made it from scratch! I’m so impressed. The subtle color changes work SO well in this pattern.

  4. I lurves it too! And the wonderful slow color changes 🙂 Great colors and nice job on the lace spinning 😉

  5. singles were a great choice for that fiber. beuatiful!!

  6. That is so lovely! Great job with the yarn, and such a perfect choice of pattern – beautiful!

  7. I love the subtle color changes! It is so neat that you spun the yarn, too. I hadn’t seen this pattern before, but now I must make one too… you’re such a knitting enabler!

  8. btw; I love this AND your sassy hair

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