Posted by: mick | July 26, 2009

A little late

crisp morning roving

So I originally claimed I’d be spinning this fiber on May 26th.  I was a little late, but I blame that on a research project, the move, and some knitting and reading that got in the way.  When I lost my knitting mojo last week, though, I decided to take a day off and spend it with my wheel.

crisp morning laceweight

J and I had a movie day last Saturday, and I spun up all of this fiber into a lace weight single.  I ended up with about 665 yards in all, and pretty much immediately cast on for a Lacy Baktus.

lacy baktus wip

This picture is shamefully out of date, as I’ve been knitting on this while watching tv/movies or taking little breaks from reading.  I’ve always found it addictive to see stripes knit up in yarn, and I’m finding it even moreso when it’s yarn I spun myself.  I can’t wait to finish this, and I can’t wait for fall weather.



  1. Very nice spin work woman!!
    Glad you are doing good on that side of the screen 😉

  2. absolutely lovely — and subtle color changes are a perfect match for that scarf!

    singles still sort of scare me — i think plying covers a multitude of irregularities in my own work — but these look great, and ohhh, that sheen!

  3. Ooooooooh, looks like a cloud! Very pretty!

    I have a pic of Jim’s for you, if only I could figure out how to download it from my phone 😉

  4. Oooh, so pretty! That color is absolutely perfect in a lacy baktus.

    Good luck to you with the reading!

  5. Wow, this looks really great–SO impressive!!!!

  6. I’m always so amazed at how different roving looks when spun up – in the first picture it looks mostly grey, so who would have thought there would be browns and blues in there?? Very cool!

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