Posted by: mick | June 23, 2009

Ewe are an obsession*

two very full bobbins

So last week I decided, chuffed up by my recent spinning victory, to try something new.  Jason and I went through my rather limited fiber stash and came away with this BFL I bought at last year’s MI Fiber Festival from Sandy’s Palette.  I wasn’t crazy about the colors, but I’d gone specifically looking for BFL and this was literally all I found at the entire festival.  So I thought I’d give it a whirl (no pun intended).

I spun this stuff up in a frenzy.  I sat down last Wednesday with  a disc of Veronica Mars and A&E’s Pride and Prejudice, and when I was done I had a bobbin full of 4.1 oz of singles.  I spun the rest over the next two days, plied and washed it Sunday, and now here it is.

This yarn is not my favorite, for many reasons.  First, I’m still not crazy about the colors.  Secondly, I didn’t spin it very evenly, which I think is a result of several factors.  It’s been pouring rain and humid here for about a week, and my wheel doesn’t like that kind of weather.  Also, I’d never spun BFL, which is a lot more fine than the Corriedale I’ve been working with.  I think that I’ll try this fiber again during dryer weather and I’ll come up with a much more even yarn.

bowl full of BFL

In the end I’ve got 398 yards of two ply, worsted/heavy worsted yarn, with some thicker and thinner spots.  I think it’ll stripe up rather subtly, and am considering designing a vest to show it off.  Of course, I may just make some mittens or something since I’m not in love with the colors.  They’re very tough to capture, and vary per hank.  In some places there is a lot of light blue and seafoam green; in another hank the colors are going to stripe really clearly, and the third, mini hank has a lot more forest green than the others.  It should be fun to knit up, and we’ll see how I like it in a swatch.  Though I’m not in love with the resulting yarn, I do like the softness of BFL, and my love affair with my wheel continues.  Now to figure out what to spin next!

*Yes, I’m a dork.



  1. i think this is lovely! i hear you on the humidity — i acquired some oil for my wheel and it is much happier now! i think mittens (or legwarmers, if it isn’t too bulky) would give you color and warmth, but would be removable if the blues and greens don’t thrill you. the swatch might surprise you though (says the girl who hasn’t knit or swatched ANY of her wheelspun…)

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