Posted by: mick | June 12, 2009

A lesson in consistency

A lesson in consistency

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One thing I’ve been doing since we got home is spinning up a storm. I’d forgotten how much I love this activity, and it’s been so good to spend some time with my wheel again.

I dyed this batch of Corriedale up over winter break, and spun the two leftmost hanks in January. I didn’t touch my wheel for 5 months, came back, and spun the two rightmost hanks this past week. I was shocked at the very visible, as well as tangible, difference. On the left I’m still struggling with twist, not getting enough in my singles or really in my plying. On the right, however, it seems something just clicked. While this yarn is far from perfect, it’s relatively consistent and actually held together during the washing process. I love the way the colors are more visible, as well as the subtle sheen the yarn developed from being spun more tightly.

Blueberry close-upOooh, look at that close-up.  I love the way the blue pops in little random spurts.  Today I’m going to start some more fiber, and I’ve been drooling over fiber on Etsy for a few days. How did I ever forget how much I love spinning?



  1. gorgeous and squishy! what are you going to make with this delicious handspun? (and me too, in the land of drooling over fiber on etsy…)

  2. Great job! Now that I have spun a little myself, I am really impressed by consistency, since I know it can be so frustrating. I love how handspun looks plied, with the two colors twisted around each other – looking forward to seeing what you knit with it!

  3. maybe you needed to percolate? 🙂 lovely yarn.

  4. Between you and Amy, I’m getting obsessed with buying a spinning wheel. This looks AWESOME, it looks like you’ve really found your groove! What will you be creating with it?

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