Posted by: mick | June 3, 2009

Wedding Craft Roundup

Bear with me, folks, because this might be a long one.  As anyone who’s been reading for a little while knows, the wedding has occupied a lot of my time since December ’07.  As you also know, we had a limited budget which, combined with my insanity, led to me doing a LOT of the wedding stuff myself.  I thought it might be fun to do a quick roundup of things, just so that anyone who’s interested can find some tutorials and ideas.  Here we go!

Made by Moi (and family/friends and J)

  • Save the Date Bookmarks (blogged here).   I’m pleased as punch with the way they turned out, and have a ton of paper left over for future crafts!
  • Wedding/Bridesmaid shawls.  Blogged here, here, and here.
  • centerpiecesCenterpieces.  I hated the idea of flowers, because they’d end up getting thrown out (and they’re so so expensive!).  Instead I went with bowls full of lemons (inspired by this Martha post), and my aunt/friends/mother-in-law decorated them with grey ribbon on the day of.  We found trifle bowls at Kmart, and ended up giving most of them to friends on their way out the door.  The lemons got used for shots, for lemonade and baking by friends, and I turned ours into Lemon Blueberry Cake, lemonade, Lemon Raspberry Muffins, and Lemon Bars.  Yum!
  • ribbon rosesPom-poms!  They’re all over Offbeat Bride, and for a reason.  My mom and bridesmaids and I cut them out, and then the aforementioned wedding day craft crew assembled them.  They added a grey ribbon to the center, which was a lovely touch.
  • Bouquets!  I made mine using this tutorial and lots of different colored ribbons.  My mom made the bridesmaid’s flowers using another tutorial from Martha and some fabric scraps.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got little foam bouquet skeletons and pinned everything together, wrapping the bottoms with floral tape and ribbon.  I idiotically didn’t take photos of the girls’ flowers, but I have a feeling the photographer did.
  • guest quilt squaresGuest quilt squares.  My friend Kristin cut these out at a craft night, and then I ironed them and put them out with a little poem that J and I wrote with instructions.  We put out Mason jars with fabric markers and asked people to sign or draw on the squares.  The results are fun and creative, and people really surprised us with how much they got into making their square.  I got the idea from a wedding on Offbeat Bride (which of course I can’t find now), and I just loved it.  I know we’d just put a guest book on a shelf somewhere, but this we will use and cherish.
  • decorationsFrames for guest quilt poem and seating chart.  We got these cheap and spray-painted them grey.  Jason made the sign for the quilt with instructions, and I made the seating chart using leftover paper from the CDs.
  • cd favorsCD Favors.  We came up with a fun mix of songs (not mushy at all), then J made the CDs and stamped them with the same little bird stamp from the invitations.  I made cases for them in yellow and silver velum from this tutorial, and placed one in the center of every plate.
  • Caketoppers.  Jason and I picked out Wesley and Buttercup from Cubeecraft, and he printed them out and assembled them.  We got lots of comments!

Made by Others

  • My earrings, from Etsy seller Hotpins.  Great service, and they were simple but still structural.
  • headband shotHeadband and birdcage veil, by Etsy seller MyraKim.  I can’t gush about her enough; her pieces are unique and truly custom.  I told her our colors, that I preferred feathers to flowers, and that I wanted to incorporate guinea fowl feathers.  She rocked it, and I want to wear it every day.  Would that be weird?
  • Handbag from Etsy seller Shakuyaku.  The perfect colors, and just gorgeous.  I’ll definitely be using this again.
  • Invitations.  My friend Kristin and her mom made them, and they turned out great!  They took my colors and ran with them.  I then embellished the reply post cards with a little stamp of two birds kissing that I got at Hobby Lobby, and they were on their way.


  1. <> AHEM… I made that lemonade! That’s probably why it turned out a little sub-par.

  2. Very nice! I especially love the bouquets – what a clever idea.

  3. Wow, that looks like a lot of work! (But I’m guessing you had fun being crafty.) I think the bouquets turned out especially well. Your headband is gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me to all these tempting Etsy sellers.

  4. Wow! Everything looks like it turned out fantastic.

  5. I love the quilt idea and would love to share it on my site, could you let me know if that would be ok?

    Everything looks so cute, a perfect wedding!

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