Posted by: mick | May 30, 2009


Just married!

Hello, all!  Thanks so much for your well-wishes on my last post (if you can even call it that).  Jason and I are back from our honeymoon and settling into married life quite comfortably.  It is, to be honest, much like our unmarried life together, except we each have shiny new rings to wear and refer to each other as a new title.  When someone asked Jason if he was nervous to marry me, he replied, “Mick and I have been married for years in my eyes, and this is just making it official, so no.”  I felt the exact same way.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few days, but nothing will really materialize.  The day was so much fun and SUCH a blur, so I’ll try to include some of my favorite candids on here (most of which are stolen from KV, whose flickr set has the best shots of the wedding!) and some of my favorite moments.

  • married shotsWalking down the aisle on the island.  It had been raining for over 12 hours straight, and I was getting a little nerovous.  Then, about 2 hours before the ceremony, the sun came out in full force.  It was still muddy, but not enough to force the ceremony to move indoors.  When I was walking down the aisle to one of my favorite love songs (Barry Louis Polisar’s “All I Want Is You”), seeing Jason smiling at me, the wind picked up and a TON of those little tree helicopters came flooding down like confetti.  They fell the entire ceremony.   It was so gorgeous.
  • My mom did a traditional Polish blessing, aided by Jason’s mom.  My heritage is really important to me, and it was really special to incorporate it at the reception.  Afterward my family spontaneously started singing Sto Lat to us, and it was such a warm moment.
  • Our first dance, to our song (Bright Eyes’ “The First Day of my Life”).  Jason was singing to me, and we were both pretty weepy.  It was pretty funny, because we were just sort of swaying and hugging each other really tight.  Now I can’t hear that song without tearing up.
  • dance partyMy family cannibalizing the lemon centerpieces before dessert was even served for lemon drop shots (they’re a family party tradition).
  • Dancing all.  night.  long.  I danced so much, and had such a great time.  It was great to see my friends from here and home, J’s friends from home, and both of our families all sharing the dance floor, laughing and having a good time.
  • Hearing people rave about the wedding donuts (from Sweetwater’s Donut Mill in Kalamazoo).   It was so great to see that people liked them!

There are so many more, but I can’t really recount them all.  We had a gorgeous day, a lovely weekend, and just a fantastic time.  We wanted very much for the wedding to be more like a big party at which we just happened to get married, and I think that’s what we got.  Since that weekend (two weeks ago today!), people have been telling us just how much fun they had.  We got married, people ate good food, and everyone had a great time.  Mission accomplished.



  1. Mick, you look gorgeous!!! and very, very, very happy! Sounds like you had the best kind of wedding and tons of fun. Felicitations on making it official!

  2. Congratulations!! You looked gorgeous and Jason looked dashing (also, love the peek of blue shoe beneath your dress!) I laughed so hard about your family canibalizing the centerpieces to make shots with! I think that points to how much fun your wedding must have been 🙂 I took a peek at the flickr shots and loved seeing your knits in action.

  3. Aaah so good to hear how the day went!! You do look like you had a wondeful time!!

    Congratulations Mrs. Much Adored!!! 🙂

  4. Woo, hoo! Congratulations! You guys look wonderful – and wonderfully happy 🙂 What a great wedding!

  5. Congrats! You both look like you’re so happy and having so much fun!

    I love that you served donuts!

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading that I didn’t see this post until just now. Congratulations! You both look so happy and lovely. I’m glad your wedding went so well!

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