Posted by: mick | May 3, 2009

Blocking is the business

Fountain Pen blockingWhen I finished my wedding shawl, I decided to invest in a set of blocking wires.  They’d always seemed a little silly to me, like something I didn’t really need, but I wanted the wedding shawl to look as professional as possible.  So, I went to KnitPicks and ordered a set, which has been sitting in my guest room unopened for a month now.

This weekend, down and out with a bit of flu, provided the perfect opportunity to get out the blocking wires and take them for a test run.  Jason and I set up a little blocking factory in the spare room, where we meticulously wired and pinned the Clapotis for KV and Fountain Pen Shawl for my cousin Deanna.  I’m in the final wedding countdown phase (just under two weeks!!!), and wanted to wash and refresh the shawls for my female attendants before wrapping them up nice and pretty.

Clapotis blockingI’ll have an FO shoot soon for the Fountain Pen, but would you look at those scalloped edges?  Gorgeous.  The wires really open the knitting up, and allow for a nice, even blocking.  The Clapotis has never looked so good, with such nice, even spaces.  I absolutely cannot wait to get these beauties off the wires and gifted to their intended recipients.  I hope they like them!



  1. a) I’m going to be out there SO SOON! AHH!
    b) You’re getting MARRIED. holy crap.
    c) It looks super awesome! I already love it and I haven’t even seen it in person yet!

  2. See….I feel the same way about wires and some them on KP with their affordable price along with the cool knitting blocks…you have convinced me…but how the HECK do you use them?? Putting them “thru” my knitting to make it align just doesn’t register for me…?? I don’t know why!!

    And I love how you said “WE” meticulously wired …GOSH that is a good man!!!!! Haha

    Wow under 2 weeks!! Craziness!!!! 🙂 Can u believe it?!? U about to be married!!!!!

  3. Love my set of blocking wires! The shawls look gorgeous…you have certainly been a busy knitter.

    The next two weeks are just going to fly by…I am looking forward to beautiful pics of you and your attendants wrapped in yummy yarn!

  4. I got blocking wires for my birthday and haven’t used them yet (general laziness, bah). You’ve inspired me.

  5. Amazing work Mick! Isn’t it cool how well the blocking wires work? You are almost there . . . don’t forget to enjoy the wedding after all that planning 🙂

    And on a selfish note . . . make sure you get lots of professional shots of all the handmade goodness going into your wedding . . . I cannot WAIT to see pictures!

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