Posted by: mick | March 28, 2009

Unintentional Stash Enhancement

Oh, free shipping, you are a dirty dirty trickster.

So I don’t have a blocked, or even blocking, Fountain Pen to show today.  I’ve been wanting to get some blocking wires, so I went online and ordered some from KnitPicks.  Of course, that left me about halfway to the free shipping amount, so I did some shopping around.

My mom, while visiting in December, expressed a desire for a nice little cardigan.  She gets warm easily, but her office is quite chilly, so something in a cotton blend would work best: some warmth, but not a lot, and something that she can wear as a layering piece all year long.  We did some searching on Ravelry, and she chose this gorgeous cardigan from Drops. I absolutely love this cardigan, and think it will look adorable on my petite, cute as a button mom.  Her birthday was earlier this month, but she knows that the cardigan won’t get started until after the wedding.  Even though I haven’t begun, I have been thinking about the pattern, and decided this was the perfect time to grab some yarn for it.

Caution yarnMom wanted something in yellow, and this shade of Shine Sport, horribly named Caution,  is just perfect.  It’s a nice goldenrod/mustard yellow, really rich and with a nice shine from the modal.  It’s very her.  I’m not sure of Basia’s measurements, so I got 10 skeins to ensure it’ll be enough.  I may add a little length to the body for her, as the picture looks a little short.  I think it’s going to really make those eyelets pop, and I think the modal combined with the cotton will lend a really nice drape to the fabric.  I can’t wait to swatch.  I hope you like the color, Mom!

That left me with a little bit to spare, and so I didn’t feel guilty at all when some Wool of the Andes Bulky in Scuba virtually leaped into my virtual cart.  I originally bought a nice deep purple for the contrast color in my Salish Coat, but I kept lusting after the Scuba.  I wanted mine to look just like the picture, which is new for me.  Either way, I buckled and bought it; the purple will turn into either an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet or a Shalom cardigan.  Either way, it might get combined with some handspun.

Ironically, after all of this work to get free shipping, the yarn arrived separately from the wires.  I got the yarn two days ago, and am still waiting for the wires.  Harumph.  I guess this is payback for my blatant fiberist capitalism.

So right now I’m done with my knitting projects, and concentrating instead on wedding crafts.  On tap I’ve got the following:

  • Finish making the flowers and assemble the bouquets (Moving right along on this)
  • Stamp the CDs and make the CD jackets for the favors (This is going to be a mighty big project, but my friends here have volunteered to come over for a favor making party.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love the people in Kalamazoo?)
  • Make Jason’s pocket square
  • Cut and assemble the quilt squares for the “guestbook quilt”
  • Write, design, print and assemble the ceremony programs

Sheesh!  That is an awful lot, especially considering the wedding is in 49 days, and especially considering that all I want to do right now is cast on for a February Lady Sweater.  However, I’m confident I can get it done, even with knitting and spinning temptation looming large.  Now that my shawls are completed, I will spend some time each night crafting before bed.  All of my-knitting-in-front-of-the-tv-time will become wedding-craft-sweatshop-time.  Go team!



  1. Gurl it is like Wal-mart they getcha everytime! LOL

    That is so crazy! @ yarn 1st over the wires.

    And I luv y’all wedding shoes too!! 🙂

  2. Mickles: I LOVE the color. I can’t wait to see the swatch! It will look gorgeous. Seriously, though, there is absolutely NO time frame on this. You have enough on your plate. I’m honored that you are knitting me this beautiful sweater. Love you tons.!

    Mommy XXOO

  3. Yay for new yarn, and I love the new patches banner!!!!

  4. That $50 free shipping will get you every time! Luckily my new knitting group did a group knitpicks order, so we were able to show a little more restraint. I bet you are getting excited for the wedding – I can’t wait to see how all your projects come together!

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