Posted by: mick | March 18, 2009

So where was I?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Yikes!  A lot has happened in the past month.  Jason and I traveled back east for spring break; he had his bachelor party, and I had a shower back home in DE.  It was a lovely visit (filled with a giant snowstorm!) and I got to see family and friends I haven’t seen in quite some time.

Stuff right now is relatively nuts.  I’ve got approximately one month left in my semester, which I still can’t believe, and under two months until the wedding.  My life now consists mainly of researching, writing, crafting…and repeat.  The knitting front is kind of boring; I’m almost done my cousin’s Fountain Pen, but until the FO post I won’t bore you with photos of lumpy lace.  So how about two random things that I love?  Let’s hear it!

Thing the first: Our wedding shoes.

I think the photos below prove either that Jason and I are “unique” and “fun,” or that we’re “strange” and “alienating.”*  I think these shoes are, quite frankly, chock full of awesome.

Jason's custom Vans meet my awesome Roos

Jason's custom Vans meet my awesome Roos

Thing the second: The Jason/Patches love affair taking place in my house right now.

Patches, my eighteen year old kitty,  is very attached to me, and loves to show it.  She regularly demands to sleep next to me at night, and is on my lap as soon as I sit down, purring away.  She never really took to men, though, which is why the following photo melts my heart.

man/kitty love

Patches has made quite the exception for Jason; he’s one man that she loves completely.  She goes through phases; she’ll ignore him for a full month, and then spend an entire week glued to his side.  She’s going through the second phase right now.  Jason wasn’t feeling well this weekend, and I walked into the living room to find them cuddling like this.  Le sigh.  They sure do love each other.

So that’s it.  Soon I’ll be posting some wedding crafts if anyone’s interested.  Until then, I am still reading and commenting on your blogs like mad!  Thanks so much for reading (if any of you still are!) and for entertaining me with your blogs; they’re a constant source of inspiration and amusement.

*If you get that reference, you are my favorite kind of person.



  1. You’re wearing trainers for your wedding – that’s awesome! Comfort is the way to go – Gist and I were married in jeans (I wore heels, she went barefoot).

  2. How awesome is it that you found wedding shoes in your wedding colors?! Yay for kitty love – you know you’re never really adopted into a family until the cat accepts you!

  3. still here, still reading! sweet sweet cat/jason photo. i love how pets know when you don’t feel good — truly wonderful to be “taken care of” when you’re sick and need cuddling. also, cute shoes!

  4. Ahhhhhhh, sweet kitteh nursing is the best cure!

    I was in to our snow, except for not having the opportunity to get together with you…poooh. Oh well, next time you come back east.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love your wedding shoes! So very cool. We wanted to be barefoot at ours, but it was in my parents house, and my mom vetoed barefoot.

    That is such a sweet photo, of Patches snuggling Jason. Yay for kitty snuggles!

    Good luck with everything!

  6. LOVE the shoes . . . kitty and boy are cute too 😉

    Hang in there sister . . . once you are an old married lady you won’t know WHAT to do with all your free time!

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