Posted by: mick | January 31, 2009

This post is brought to you by warm cat butt

Patches knows the value of a toasty hiney.

Patches knows the value of a toasty hiney.

Hello, friends.

I have pretty much nothing new to report on the knitting front, but I was ashamed at how long it’s been since my last post.  Since my mittens have been completed, I’ve knitted exclusively on my wedding shawl.  This has been a little boring, but has also paid off: I’m halfway through my 6th repeat of the main body pattern (I added one additional repeat because the shawl was pretty short with only the 5 called for).  So I’m almost to the home stretch.  Exciting for me, but it makes for incredibly boring pictures.

So, instead of really boring knitting info, I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve been digging lately.  So here are some popular items, in no particular order, in the T/B household of late:

  • The orzo soup from 101 Cookbooks (Officially my most favorite recipe resource.  When I want to cook something healthy and delicious, I always go there first).  Recently, I’ve been making at least one big vat of soup and one healthy, one-dish meal a week.  With our schedules, it is a little tough to cook many nights.  So instead we’ve been cooking a lot on Sunday/Monday and eating healthier all week.  I tried this soup a few weeks ago, and Jason and I both have been raving about it ever since.  It’s incredibly tasty and also incredibly easy to make.  It has no meat, but is still delicious and satisfying.  Jason, a consummate carnivore, has been begging me to make this again.  So there’s the verdict.
  • Kashi Heart to Heart instant oatmeal.  I’ve been looking for an instant oatmeal that is low in sodium/sugar, high in fiber and protein, and still delicious.  I should have checked this out sooner; we’re both pretty in love with it.
  • Making homemade veggie stock.  This always seemed like a chore, but now I’ve got no fewer than two gallons in the freezer at a time.  During the week I save my trimmings from making salads, and then toss those and anything else on the not-so-fresh side into a pot.  Sample veggies include carrots and their shavings, radishes and their greens, celery, green onion tops, onions, garlic, escarole, and apple cores.  I toss in a few bay leaves and cook up a big pot each weekend, with a ration of 1:1 water:veggies.  Then I freeze it after it simmers for a few hours and cools, and boy it really makes a difference in my soups.
  • The Roku Netflix player.  Jason and I decided that, rather than getting each other little gifts for Valentine’s Day and Easter, we’d go in on a Roku player.  We got it yesterday and are pretty much obsessed with it.  It’s a great value, super easy to set up, and a lot of fun to use.  If you have a Netflix unlimited option like we do (we haven’t had cable since 2004), it’s really worth it.  So great.

So that’s what’s new in these parts.  On the wedding front, things are really moving along.  We’ve got the rooms all figured out for our families/bridal party, I’ve got some showers coming up and dress fittings, and soon Jason will have his bachelor party.  I will try and keep the blog from becoming all wedding all the time, but will include detailed updates on the crafty wedding preparations.  There will be a lot of them!



  1. Are we the same person? 1. I also make a pot of soup a week (by the way, the leek potato soup you recommended was fabulous) 2. I have a stash of Kashi Heart to Heart in my cabinet 3. I have a gallon of veggie stock in my freezer, which must be used within the next 27 days 4. I also have a Roku, which is awesome, as you know by now.

    Your kitty is very cute. Since our heat comes out of the ceiling, our cat has been an extra lap appendage this winter.

  2. nice warm comfy post 🙂 even without the knitting. i am also a trimmings veggie stock person… although our freezer isn’t big enough at the moment. i actually freeze the veggies and pull them out when i make the stock since i rarely scrape anything.

  3. Mick, I’m checking out the Roku right now! Love the picture of little Patches–so cute. Yeah for comfy posts!

  4. Gurl you just hipped onto two things!! The oatmeal and Roku!! Who knew @ Roku!!

    I am Netflixer too and haven’t had cable since 2001! :o)

    So glad you are making great progresss on your shawl!

  5. You’re full of great suggestions today! The soup looks great and thanks for the roku tip… looks great.

  6. Ha, we do so many of the same things here…we’re all about the big batches of soup and other reheatable dishes on the weekend, and I am such a ridiculous Kashi fiend.

    I’m glad the shawl is coming along!

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