Posted by: mick | January 18, 2009

FO: Handspun Mittens

handspun mittensPattern: Easy Mitten Pattern by Claudia Krisniski (free via Ravelry)

Yarn:  My own handspun.  Yay!

Needles: Takumi Bamboo US 2s and 4s

Began:  January 15, 2009;  Completed:  January 17, 2009

Notes:  For those following along: it’s freaking cold in Michigan.  Over the past week, we’ve routinely had highs that read 2 degrees, with lows well below zero.  I got some lovely gloves for Christmas (I rock the Isotoners, and they’re still the best in my opinion), they just weren’t keeping out the sub-zero wind chill.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my favorite handspun to date.  I love the colors, and I love the navajo plying, but the mohair made it just too itchy for anything near my neck.  Mittens seemed like the answer.

handspun detailAnd boy are they! The yarn knitted up even better than I imagined; the small circumference of the mittens allowed the color transitions from the navajo plying to really shine through.  I used the regular two-ply for the cuffs, and then switched to the navajo for the body of the mitts.  About two thirds of the way through the second mitten, I had to switch to another ball of yarn.  It must have been slightly bulkier than the first, as my gauge got a little bigger, but it’s not really that noticeable.  I’m declaring it a design feature and moving on.

The pattern is super quick, easy, and clear.  I tested the finished mittens last night and today in the cold, and they are definitely up to snuff.  I am officially naming them a success.  I really loved knitting with my handspun again; it was so much fun to see the colors change, and it made the mittens feel even more special.  The good news is that I have plenty left over; I think I’ll knit a Turn a Square with the leftover navajo plied.  Exciting!



  1. Love your home spun mittens! Colours are awesome.

  2. They look incredible, congratulations! It must be so amazing making something out of your own yarn. They’re gorgeous!

  3. OOH yeah! It has been cold here too….what we declare cold in the south! LOL Nothing like MI! ;op

    So mittens must be in the air! Stay tuned re: my F.O. mitts! ;op

    And gotta love having your own mitts in your own handspun!!! But you are right Isotoners are the bomb!

  4. Mick – look at you go!!! Love the mittens!

  5. Mick, i love the mitts, your handspun is yummy! Sorry you are still getting snow dumped on you…we are getting it a flake at a time. Stay toasty!

  6. It must be so satisfying to spin your own yarn and then make something functional out of it. Now you just need to sheer your own sheep to make the process completely yours!

    I love that people are getting back to some of the old skills that every woman needed to have, but are no longer necessary. I think if more people took up these projects they’d have a lot more appreciation for their things (I can go on forever about this, I studied material culture.) Thanks for keeping the old ways alive!

  7. Way to use up the lovely handspun! makes them all the more special. Very nice!!

  8. Beautiful – and so cozy looking! I love the color transitions you’ve got going 🙂

  9. you’re getting too clever at this handspun for your own good! beautiful colours, just looking at them would warm me up x

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