Posted by: mick | January 13, 2009

Cozy winter comforts

Greetings from Kalamazoo, the land of snow, shoveling, and pot holes.

Just to update you on non-knitting related news items in my life: it’s still snowing.  Actually, that’s not true as of right this minute.  Right now the sun is shining (for the first time this year, I believe), and the roads are clearing up.  Last night we got another 4-ish inches, on top of the foot we got Friday/Saturday.  There is snow in the forecast every day through Saturday, but that’s become the norm at this point.  Last winter, the snow kicked my butt.  This winter, it’s oh so much worse.  It’s kicking my entire body.  Actually, that may be the BodyCombat class I took at the gym yesterday, but I digress.

This weekend found us, yet again, snowed in.  It actually was a lovely storm, with a quiet blanket of snow covering up the grossness that was the old piles of dirty snow.  Pretty.  Friday, I stayed in with my sweetie, made soup, and then used a different stock pot for something else.

orchid roving

I dyed up the other half of the Corriedale I got with my wheel!  This time I’m much more pleased with my results.  I mixed three colors: a royal blue, an orchid purple, and a bright cherry pink.  I took my time, brought the wool to 190 degrees slowly, and poured my colors one at a time.  And it worked!  I’m so excited about this roving; I think it will make a really cool, subtly variegated but closer to semisolid, yarn.  I’m glad that my patience paid off!  The last time I tried dyeing, my colors ended up muddy and mixed together.  Pretty, but muddy all the same.

Another thing keeping me cheery is a new purchase, which requires a little back story.  I get oddly attached to material objects.  (Just ask my mom about the time we traded in her old boat of a car for her ‘new’ Buick in the 80s; I screamed and cried until the nice car saleswoman told me I could come visit it any time.)  I also love a good routine, and my mornings consist of Jason making me a bowl of cereal and a nice cup of green tea, which I always drink from the same mug.  We’ve collected mugs over the past few years, but I’ve always had a special one that I deemed my own.  Jason has one too.  Mine was a “Breakfast with the Beatles” mug that I got at a 102.9 WMGK art show a few years back, that had a cartoon of Andre Gardner right there with the Beatles.  I loved it; that show was part of my Sunday routine ever since I was a little kid, and the mug made me think of Sunday mornings at home, blasting the Beatles and making eggs with my mom.   As all awesome things do, that mug passed a few months ago.  I bought a cool replacement in July when visiting KV, but it didn’t take.  The mug had no handle, and thus was better suited for cool drinks.

So last week, I spent an embarrasing amount of time looking at handcrafted pottery mugs on Etsy.  I finally decided on this beauty, and I think I made the right choice.

best mug ever

This is from Etsy seller edclay, and his pottery is just plain stunning.  His work is shown in galleries, and yet for a very reasonable price you can add some artsy pizazz to your breakfast ritual.  It’s cheered me up on several snowy mornings already, the handle is comfy, and the colors are just dazzling.  And now, if you’ll excuse me,  I have to go fantasize about learning to throw pottery.  I hope you’re keeping warm and dry this winter!



  1. That mug is gorgeous!

    And Breakfast with the Beatles sure brings back memories!

  2. really neat pictures!

  3. What a cool mug! That potter is very talented. I also have a thing for mugs – in fact mine have taken over a whole shelf in the cabinet. I only have one hand-made one (which I got for $5!!), and I really need to seek out some more.

    Great job with the dyeing! I always wondered how those types of yarn were made. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. Holy blizzard, Batman! Ok, so not blizzard, but soooo much more than we have had in Philly. And I do so enjoy being snowed in occassionally.

    The new mug is really groovy!

  5. Definitely made the right choice: the mug is stunning.

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