Posted by: mick | January 11, 2009

Holy cow, it’s a WIP post!

So lately I’ve been knitting really quickly.  Between my Bandwagon Sweater, which was knit in a whirlwind of finals and fever, and a non-bloggable hat that took about 4 hours to knit, it seemed I was churning out FOs before I could introduce them to you.  So let’s have a visit with a UFO, shall we?

wedding shawl

There it is, the slog of a lifetime, my Arctic Diamonds Stole, which many of you may recognize as my wedding shawl.  I don’t think you’ve seen it since the swatch I knitted back in July, but here it is.  After finishing my semester, Jason’s sweater, and my other things, I’ve settled down to this.  The color is tough to capture, but this is pretty darn close.  It’s still the most brilliant, vivid blue, and I’m kind of in love with the way the pattern is turning out.  It’s lovely and worth the work, but it’s just so….slow.  The main pattern repeat has over 50 rows (holy crap!), and that is repeated 5 times.  I’m about one third through the third repeat, but I’m thinking I’ll add an extra, making it 6 repeats total.  I know that’s a lot of extra knitting, but I want the shawl to be longer than it seems it will be as is.  As pictured, it’s just at the end of the 2nd repeat to give you an idea of length.  I guess I should have included a dime or a Patches for scale.  When you combine the tiny needles, the long pattern repeat, and the fact that I’m adding lots of beads, that all adds up for one long, long knit.

So there you have it.  I’m going to dutifully knit on this until it’s done, which will take a while.  Cripes.  Then I’ve got to knit a shawl for my second bridesmaid, and then I’m done wedding knitting.  After that, I want to knit some mittens for myself out of my handspun.  Fun!

On a random aside, I spent some time today teaching an eleven year old girl to knit.  She took to it super quickly, and I was really impressed.  I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for some kid friendly knitting books that she might like?  She’s a tween (I think.  What does that mean, exactly?), and I’d love to find some books she and I can take out of the library.  I’d love any recommendations you all might have, my knitting gurus!



  1. Haha! Gurl you crack me up!!

    But ooh yes that is a loooong knit!

    I am working on my slow knit that is like “watching grass grow” too. It is the pimlico shrug and I think it is going to take 4ever!!!! ;op

    So I feel your silent knit pain! Haha!

    Your shawl is just beautiful and I am luvin’ the color.

    How about I am slowly converting all the folks at my new job how to knit! LOL There is about 8 of them now! Yay!!!!!

    As far as book recommendations for your tween you reminded me of my friend’s post who was teaching a tween too last year. Here it is:

    Have fun with her!!

  2. That blue is amazing. You are going to look beautiful in it!

    Re: knitting books for tweens, I would think that the Stitch ‘n Bitch books would be pretty good. I know they’re targetted at a slightly older reader but I think the writing is accessible and the projects are pretty fun.

  3. I love how the wedding shawl is coming out Mick! Very beautiful, and I can totally appreciate the richness of that blue from your photo. It will be stunning!

    Adding length is a good idea, but don’t forget the blocking factor. I like to block my lace really tightly, which always leads to a big increase in size. That’s a cashmere/silk blend, right? Not sure what your plan is for blocking, but if you have two repeats done, you might consider blocking one (ie, dunk-and-soak about a repeat and a half, then pin and block out just the first repeat) to see how you like it. I actually think your unblocked lace in the photo is beautiful just as it is too . . .

    Yay for wedding knitting!

  4. The wedding shawl looks beautiful. That blue is just plain gorgeous.

    I probably don’t have a good suggestion for knitting books for tweens. I taught myself to knit at around her age from Melanie Falick’s “Kids Knitting”, but I don’t think I would describe myself as a stereotypical “tween”. (and no, I don’t really know what it means, either!)

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