Posted by: mick | January 9, 2009

FO: Scrap Happy Celebration Hat

Scrap Happy!

Pattern: Scrap Happy Celebration Hat by Cosette Cornelius-Bates (Raveled here.)

Yarn:  Scraps!  Namely from my HourglassTurn a Slouch, and some recycled sweater yarn held double.

Needles:  Denise US 5 circulars, Takumi Bamboo US 4 DPNs

Began: December 30, 2008;  Completed: December 31, 2008, about twenty minutes before midnight

Notes:  I fully intended to make this for my best friend from high school back in October when she delivered her first baby (and what a beautiful baby he is!), but school got me rather bogged down.  So with under 24 hours left in 2008, I sat down and cast on.   Overall the hat took me only about 3 hours to knit; however, I had to cast on twice.  My gauge was still too loose after going down two needle sizes.  I followed Cosy’s advice to reduce the cast-on number by 8 for a 6-18 month size, but it was still way too large.  So, I frogged completely after getting to the decreases, and cast on after subtracting an additional 8 stitches.  The resulting hat is pretty funny;  it’s still big, but I think it will fit the baby…eventually.  It’s supposed to be loose-fitting, and it definitely is.  As of now, Becky’s husband has commandeered the hat until it fits the baby.  This is hilarious to me, but I’m glad at least it’s getting some use.

This hat was so much fun to make.  I really liked the colors selected by ReluctantMango for hers, and was tickled to find I had almost the exact same colors in scrap form.  Huzzah!  I loved digging through my stash of leftovers to find a color combo I liked, and settled on something that I thought was a little bit retro.  This suits Becky’s punk sensibility perfectly, and I could just picture it on a little baby boy.  I also chose yarns that were all either superwash or nylon/wool blends, so the hat should be machine washable.  Very important for a new mom.  Overall, I really love the hat.  It was a fun pattern, very simple and quick to knit, and the purl rows add such a charming detail.  I’m smitten, and I think this will become a go to baby pattern.  Also, it’s such a stashbuster.  What’s not to love?



  1. This is a great idea–I have a whole bunch of odds and ends from previous projects. This might be the perfect way to use them. Thanks!

  2. Love the hat! I reminds me so much of the circle square one I made last month! ….gotta post about it but the boy I gave it to is not a willing model AND we are no longer talking ;op It is my Rav projects though almost completed ;o)

  3. Very cute! So does the husband have a tiny head, or was the hat really that big? That’s the good thing about babies though, eventually they will grow into anything you knit them. What a great way to use up scraps! I diligently save every yarn of spare yarn, but have yet to figure out what do to with them.

  4. yay! i can’t even tell you how many kids hats i’ve sold to adults – hats are stretchy! and it seems the main difference is certainly the length. sorry for all the frogging!

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