Posted by: mick | December 28, 2008

The Christmas Haul

I feel really lucky all year long for having such wonderful friends and family in my life, but Christmas really reminds me to an extra special level.  This year, Jason, his mom, and my mom all went to extra special lengths with their generosity and thoughtfulness at Christmastime, giving me gifts that speak to my favorite hobby.  Among some of the amazing presents I was lucky enough to receive are the following:crafty Christmas gifts

Each and every one of these gifts is so thoughtful and sweet.  From Jason’s mom and her husband (Hi, Deb!  Thanks for reading 🙂 ),  I was lucky enough to receive three books that have been on my wish-list for quite some time:  Lisa Lloyd’s A Fine Fleece, EZ’s Knitting Around, and Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits. I also got the KnitPicks Felici sock yarn, which is so soft and in the cutest colors.  Definitely going to be my first pair of Jaywalkers.  I also received a very generous KnitPicks gift certificate, which enabled me to purchase a pattern and yarn that I’ve been eyeing for a long time.  I’m so excited to add these books to my library; I feel that each goes beyond basic patterns, and instead will really teach me so much about both yarn production and sweater construction.  Fun!

Jason proved to me, yet again, just how much he actually listens when I babble.  He noticed me stalking the Beaverslide Dry Goods website, and went and got me two skeins of their wool/mohair blend in the most beautiful, deep teal.  I’ve got 500 yards, and I’m thinking a worsted weight shawl will be so lovely.  He got me the Knit.1 I’ve been dieing to get (due to the amazingness that is the Garter Yoke Cardigan), which has a ton of cute patterns.  He knows I read Franklin’s blog, and went and found his book.  He also got me two adorable amigurumi books (Amigurumi World and Creepy Cute Crochet), which are so adorable I want to cry.  I’m particularly excited about Creepy Cute Crochet.  Have you seen this?  It features amigurumi patterns for characters like a corporate zombie, the grim reaper, and ninjas.  I cannot wait to make some adorably weird little critters.  He also got me a sampler of Gutterman thread, which is awesome on so many levels.  I want to sew more, and this means fewer trips to the fabric store to find the perfect thread!  Finally, he spent painstaking hours putting together a database for me on Excel, and then putting the whole thing into a binder.  It will be an organizational tool for all of my printed patterns, and will be so handy and useful.  He really is so thoughtful and sweet, and I can’t wait to marry him.

Not pictured are the AWESOME Sublime Stitching kits my mom got me (one is an apron, and the other are tea towels, in Halloween and Christmas themed designs) and The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, which J. didn’t realize I had already.

Seriously, could a girl be luckier?  Thanks so much, everyone, for these and the rest of my amazingly thoughtful gifts.  I’ll be crafting all year and remembering how much you all care about me every time I use one of these amazing gifts (which will be often!).



  1. Very lucky!! Great stuff! It is wonderful when non-knitters make sure us knitter lovers get what we wish for out there!!
    I MUST get that Custom Knits book!!

    So I guess you had a Merry Knitmas huh?!? ;op

  2. Wow, what great gifts you got! I think I have some of that same color of Beaverslide…it’s great. Your future spouse sounds like a pretty awesome guy!

  3. Jason bought you yarn?? Once again, you have chosen very wisely in your selection of a fiance. I really like the colors of the knitpicks yarn as well – I am excited to see your colorful jaywalkers!

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