Posted by: mick | December 6, 2008

Let it (keep) snow(ing)

So last year was my much-documented First Michigan Winter.  And man, was it a doozy.  It seemed to snow all the time; it just never stopped.  Many Michiganders assured me that last winter was not a typical winter.  Though we do live in the snow belt, getting the famous lake effect snow, they swore last year was tougher than usual.

Last year, Jason and I went to Saugatuck and Douglas on the weekend of December 14th, and documented the first real snow fall that fell that weekend here.  From then on it didn’t really stop; we’d have a thaw after a few days, and then it would start up again as soon as the previous storm’s snow was gone.  It was a pretty brutal cycle, even for a knitter and self-proclaimed lover of winter and all things snowy.

This year I was prepared for a more typical Michigan winter, whatever that means.  So imagine my surprise when, in mid-November, it started snowing.  Mind you, it was just showers and dustings and flurries at first, but it was still snow.  I was a little concerned, but was still able to shake off the nagging worry at the back of my mind.  Then, about a week ago, it began snowing in earnest.  We headed out to pick up our tree and had to turn around because the roads were so bad.  Again, I thought it was a freak storm.

This afternoon, some friends offered to pick me up for some awesome Indian buffet because, once again, it’s snowing and our treacherous driveway hasn’t been plowed yet.  While waiting I snapped this photo of our adorable little house (our apartment  is the first floor) and it hit me.our house

Winter is here early, it’s pissed, and it’s going to kick my ass.  After this realization I promptly made a trip to the liquor store for some wine before the roads got too bad.  I have my priorities.

I’m off to snuggle up with some research.  I’ve got my end of the semester crunch this week, but I’ll catch everyone on the flip, hopefully with a new knitting  project to show off (and maybe even some sewing, too).  I hope that, wherever you are, you’re staying warm!



  1. Flurries are predicted for later tonight and tomorrow, but nothing to set off the French Toast Alert System.

  2. I’m on the east side of the state and I’m already over winter. And it hasn’t even technically started.

    Wine is definitely on the “to do” list for the evening.

  3. Pretty little house. Over by campus?

    My husband grew up *on* the lake (in South Haven) and he says that last year was a fairly standard winter. We’ve been getting a lot of mild-ish winters, and it seems to be swinging back over to ‘what we had as kids’. Over here, in the middle of the state, we had a lot of snow/melt/snow. I’d rather have snow — the roads/driveways get greasy when it’s above freezing. We’re supposed to get yet more snow today — we’ve already got 3 inches. (no need for a party run here. I grew up in MI — there’s always liquor in the basement.) The boy has asked for a earflap hat for christmas — I guess I should get started on it Real Soon Now.

  4. I just looked out the window and it is snowing here in Philadelphis…wish I’d thought about a trip to the liquor store! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

  5. Hey it is a fierce one this weekend! We were out tonight at a holiday party and the car almost got stuck. But I’ve pretty much been in West Michigan since age 5, so I can deal with it. Others–I can only imagine how tough! Stay cozy!

  6. Good luck with your end-of-semester business! It’s snowing pretty hard here, too. Stay warm!

  7. A beautiful description of our weather the past month.

    The long term Accuweather forecast says December is going to be the worst month this winter. But then you’ve probably figured out that the SW Michigan winter weather forecasts are hardly worth the time to read them. When that Lake Effect Snow starts coming down, noone knows when it’s going to stop.

    Last night our forecast was for up to three additional inches. (I live 6 miles north of Mattawan.) We got 10.

  8. OH MY GOD IT’S SNOWING ON YOUR BLOG!! You weren’t kidding about there being a lot of snow. I was in DC this weekend and it started snowing there. Your little house totally reminds me of my apartment in Kansas, and it too was always covered in snow. Keep warm!

  9. Good luck with your research – and the snow!

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