Posted by: mick | November 23, 2008

I think I broke it

My brain, that is.

I just can’t adjust to this whole academia thing.  Every semester I think I have it down, and then the dreaded “end of the semester rush” hits.  Every single time, I find myself sitting all befuddled, wondering where the semester went.  Where did you go, fall?  I miss you.

Yes, it’s still technically fall, but it doesn’t feel like it where I live.  We’ve had snow every day for over a week.  Mind you, it hasn’t really added up to much, but it’s been here.  It gives me an excuse to showcase my fabulous woolies (this year I’ve got two color schemes going: autumnal, consisting of my Aibhlinn and my handspun Thorpe, and electric bugaloo, consisting of my Noro Striped Scarf and my Noro Snork Hat.)  Anyhoo, all of this cold and snow makes me just want to settle in with a nice cup of tea and knit.

But I can’t!  The end of the semester (less than one month, crap!) means lots of grading and lots of writing.  Throw in the mix an attempt at getting some Christmas gifts for my loved ones, and I’m toast.  My stress manifests in not being able to sleep, which would be fine if I got up and did some work.  But I don’t; I sit in front of my computer, browsing blogs and Ravelry, drooling over all of the designs I don’t have time to knit.  But Patches sits on my lap and purrs, and life is still pretty darn good.

But that’s enough of the whiny.  You’ll be glad to know that I have knitting to report!  The Engagement Sweater is, for all intents and purposes, DONE.  I had a LOTR marathon with my love on Friday night, and spent that entire time seaming.  It’s funny: this is only my second sweater not in the round and, while I thought I’d hate the seaming, I really didn’t.  Seaming stockinette is magical!  I kept holding up the side seams and saying to J, “Where’s the seam?  It’s invisible!!!”  He faked excitement too, bless his heart.  I’m a lucky woman.

So, all that’s left is weaving in the eleventy billion ends and buying some buttons.  Then, it’s a quick steam block and Jason can wear it.  We tried it on, and I don’t want to alarm you, but I’ve got the hottest future husband in the land.  This boy rocks the handknits, and he rocks them well.  And he appreciates them!  I had to pry the sweater out of his hands; he wanted to wear it right then, unwoven ends and all.  Le sigh.

So, to make up for the lack of photos and interesting content, I’m going to do….A MEME.  I know, contain yourselves.  I spotted this over at the Berroco blog (another source of knitting temptation), and then when  Whitney did it, I had to give it a go.  It’s festive!  So, here it is.

Favorite escapist movie: I consider most of my movies escapist, but I watch different genres depending on my mood.  I tend to gravitate toward Casino Royale when I’m feeling actiony.  For fantasy, it’s the LOTR trilogy (as mentioned above), and I probably watch Sense and Sensibility once a week.  And yes, the end scene makes me cry every time.  Emma Thompson is such a genius.

Favorite libation or wintery beverage: Definitely a nice cup of tea.  I also love mulled wine when Jason makes it.  We had it at the lone Polish restaurant in Boston when we first started dating; he took me there as a surpise, and they had this amazing mulled warm wine.  He found a recipe and make a batch for our first Valentine’s Day together, and it’s just so wonderful.

A guilty pleasure snack or comfort food recipe: Lately I’ve been whipping up batches of Vegan Potato Leek Soup once a week.  Try that recipe; it’s quick, delicious, and actually pretty darn healthy.  I make it without blending it, and it’s just as wonderful; the texture is a little more rustic, and it’s a big hit in this household.  Yum.

Who or what surrounds you on the couch?: J playing WOW on his laptop, Wiglaf fighting the yarn for space on my lap, my grandmother’s blanket, and a cup of tea.

How do you unwind and shut out the world at the end of the work week?: Friday nights are my favorite night of the week.  I allow myself to take the whole night off from work, and I veg in front of the tv with a movie and some knitting, or we catch some delicious dinner with some friends at a local restaurant.  Friday nights are all about vegging and stress relief for me.

Here’s an unrelated kitty picture to distract you from the lack of content.  Look at the kitty:Relaxing mow

So there it is; instant content!  Okay, for anyone still reading, one last thing that happened to me this week that was pretty exciting.  The illustrious Yarnharlot linked to me, by name, on her blog!  I know, I know, no big deal for your big name knitters/designers, but I really felt honored.  I was reading along and then, bam, there was my name!  I did a double take, shocked that there is another Mick who knits and blogs out there.  (Hey, if you’re out there, say hi!  It’s a rare name.)  It’s this post here, about her Noro Striped Scarf addiction.  Let me tell you, I always knew a lot of people read her blog, but this was insane.  She sent me about 2000 hits per day for a few days there, and even now my readership is way above normal.  So, if you’ve wandered over here from Stephanie’s blog, welcome!  And please don’t let this lack of actual knitting content scare you away; I swear I’ll have photos of a RFS (real finished sweater) sometime this week!  And thanks, Stephanie, for the link!



  1. Yay fro the FO and the link! Boo for end of semester stress! I’m still jealous of your snow.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow a shout out from the Harlot. You’re famous!

  3. You are funny woman! Like God for the cat, warm tea (what kinds do you like?), and Jason to keep you sane!

    Can’t wait to see the sweater and your hunka hunka model (LOL)!!

    And look at you all cool and getting popular in the knit blog world! ;o)

  4. Ooh! and remember who knew you B4 the fame! ;op Haha!

  5. congrats on the finished sweater and the yarnharlot!

  6. You’re lucky that it’s snowing! Today I woke up, saw the sunshine, and said, “Dammit! It’s warm again!” It’s nice being able to go outside and not worry about suiting up against the cold, but those “stay in and drink tea” days brought on by snow are so cozy. I’ve had only one of those in the last six months – and it was only half a day.

    The end-of-the-semester crunch happens to the best of us! But just think, in only a few more weeks it’ll be over. And then you will completely forget about how stressful it was.

    You got a harlot shout-out! That’s like blogger’s gold…

  7. Congrats on finishing the Engagement Sweater! Now I just need to follow your lead and finish up my husband’s sweater.

    Congrats on the Harlot linkage, too!

    You have all my sympathy on the end of semester thing. I’ve got it bad, too.

  8. Mickles:

    How cool is that, that the Yarnharlot was on your blog and mentioned you on hers! I’m very impressed (even though I am your mom). Can’t wait to see Jason’s engagement sweater (and Jason too, of course), on your blog. Love you both!!!

    Mom XXOO

  9. omg omg omg . . . so exciting you got a Harlot linky! I was excited about the potato leek soup recipe until I got to the end of your post. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Can’t wait for Jason’t first FO photo-shoot 😉

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